Podcast 4 – Prepare for Receiving Your Greater Good Asara Lovejoy

by Asara Lovejoy | Posted on July 03, 2013

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Join us on our iTunes show, Access Your Rich Mind for Wild Success, and listen to Prepare for Receiving Your Greater Good with Asara Lovejoy.

Here is what I discovered. Success is not only a process of skills it is also a process of change in identity and value about who you are in the world. Often we haven’t shifted and prepared to be in that good because we are focused on our struggle rather than establishing a new normal within us for the results we say we want.

In this program Asara shows you how to access your brain to activate greater portions of your intelligence to focus on the results in advance of it arriving. Another example is that we often see money going out to pay our bills but don’t imagine our bank account getting bigger and bigger and increasing in size. Here is the formula to make a new change in you, your bank account and your success.

Because often you are defined by your limits rather than your success it is a new process, a new intelligence, a new physical sensation that you discover as you see success results. You are designing a you who is ready for the next level of achievement and reward.

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