Words From Asara Lovejoy

Happy in Japan – Answering Questions
Interacting with the audience; answering questions and listening to them share is so rewarding. One student who also attended private […]

Happy in Japan – Getting into the Heart of The One Command
In our live events in Japan we bring the audience to that moment when they learn to form their commands. […]

Happy in Japan – Asara and Champak Translating The One Command in Japanese
My good friend Champak brought The One Command to the attention of the Voice Company who published it in Japanese. […]

Happy in Japan – Holding an Information Evening
It is always great to return to Japan. The people attending the information evenings and the seminar events are always […]

Our Premier Podcast is Here: Access Your Rich Mind for Wild Success Show
Watch for the launch of our new iTunes podcast coming soon… Science meets the mind in the greatest unknown secrets […]

Catching Up…..
I am getting my legs under me on blogging and I’d like to catch up and then keep adding information […]

Who gave you a great idea today?
Coaching and being coached is a two-way street.  When you are always the one coaching others you often forget to […]

Are You in the Business of Your Business?
So many times I hear the concerns about your business success and I have to ask are you in the […]

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake
Dr Katie Garnett and I got to hold a preview interview with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake for our radio show Living […]

Wedding was wonderful but…
The wedding was wonderful, held at an all glass chapel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Jr. in Palos Verdes California. […]

Patricia Albere founder of Evolutionary Collective on Radio today
Patricia Albere the founder of Evolutionary collective is my radio guest today at 3:00pm. She is a return guest who […]

Gratitude Brings Freedom
This coming month at www.theonecommandlife.com Bonnie Strehlow writes, ” Gratitude is not just something that comes after you receive something […]

Talk To Your Money
How nice are you to your money? Really?  What do you say about it every day and how do you […]

Cash Responds to You – Make it Mind
Are you in the frame of mind to increase your cash? There are a few little secrets to making your […]

Notes on Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
Our radio guest heard on Living in the Quantum Field Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “Current neuro-scientific theory tells us that […]

The Power to Change a Thought
We all know that positive thinking might sound good – and of course it is an ideal to that is […]

Struggling in Business? Find Out Why it’s Not the Economy!
I know that you hear there is opportunity in a less than vibrant economy and you probably go-maybe-OK- but I’m […]

Make Big Money Coaching?
There are numerous coaching systems out in the world today that teach you to become coach. Life Coaching, Soul Coaching, […]

I’m Heading to a Wedding
Weddings are definitely my thing. I cry even when they aren’t family and rejoice at the commitment two people make. […]

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