Struggling in Business? Find Out Why it’s Not the Economy!

by Asara Lovejoy | Posted on September 20, 2012

I know that you hear there is opportunity in a less than vibrant economy and you probably go-maybe-OK- but I’m not finding that is true for me so far anyway. And I’m not only talking about your business success as an entrepreneur but job loss and downsizing as well.

Here is a radical notion I’m sharing with you that you have some extra brainpower that you’re not using that can in fact turn your business around or help you get a job in any economy. It’s true! The science is in on the undiscovered power of your theta brain state as an extraordinary solution finding mechanism.

How this works is quite simple. In theta, which is technically your REM (rapid eye movement sleep state) you discharge fears ands stress every night as you enter that state at least three times. The theta state is imperative for good mental health and emotional wellbeing but it also is where great new ideas and solutions are found.

Einstein woke up in the morning with E=MC2 and business people everywhere often go to sleep on a problem to wake up with a solution. You see in our everyday waking logical thinking beta brain wave where we spend 98% of our time as we try to find a job or create more traffic to our store or expand the existing business or make more financially successful business deals – we’re thinking in beta a very limited state.

The One Command and six step process teaches people to easily access their theta mind and by Command start their greater intelligence to work for them. Great business people such as millionaires and the ones who do well in a down turned economy, as well as great athletes, scientist, dancers, and writers all access theta for great results.

And now you can too. First, be open to the idea that you can Command a better result than the one you have now. Next, try the process and see what happens. You’ll be surprised.

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