Make Big Money Coaching?

by Asara Lovejoy | Posted on September 20, 2012

There are numerous coaching systems out in the world today that teach you to become coach. Life Coaching, Soul Coaching, Business Coaching etc. The first question to ask yourself is why do you want to become a coach? The standard answer is, “I want to help others.” And the next answer is that I can make big money coaching. Well – maybe.

There are a few excellent coaches out there, such as James Malinchak from ABC’s Secret Millionaire teaching us how to be Big Money Speakers and to sell products from the stage. But he is not teaching anyone else to be a coach – just how to be a success. He is my personal coach and I love my coaching with him.

Christian Mickelsen has a fabulous system of launching yourself as a coach called the Client Sign Up System and he also has an ongoing training to become a coach. He is a well-practiced success with fantastic material and he does make big money!!

But most don’t and here is the reason why. Coaching is a real deal commitment and it requires the coach to deliver in time and attention in every session. It requires you as the coach to grow and develop along with your clients and to “NOT HELP.” That’s right – the number one reason many want to coach is the reason it can’t be done well.

When you want to help others there is the notion that they need help. Truly what people need in coaching is information and guidance. This may seem like splitting hairs but in fact the attitude of The One Command Coach is to meet every client in their Mastery – to guide observe and ask the right questions that generate the answers from the client.

The easy way to coach is to know the questions to ask. And how do you do that? By listening. That’s right by listening. When you are the objective listener you hear everything that your client doesn’t hear for himself or herself. When you reflect that back to your client they go – how did you know that. That’s it. You are brilliant.

The easy way to coach is to be the reflective listener. That’s step number one. More next time.

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