Cash Responds to You – Make it Mind

by Asara Lovejoy | Posted on September 26, 2012

Are you in the frame of mind to increase your cash? There are a few little secrets to making your money mind and getting into a better relationship with you. That’s right PERSONALIZE your concept of money. Treat your idea of money as if you had a friendship with coins and cash. You think this is a simple idea but it is very powerful. In one of our One Command /Commanding Wealth events a youth of 16 was attending with his mother. They were in poor circumstances, living in a difficult part of town and he wanted more cash. The entire group held a dialogue with cash – making friends with it. I like you cash. You are cool – color is good too. And were challenged to see cash everywhere around them on the street, on the sidewalk, on the pavement, in the grass – looking everywhere around them.

The young man came back in from the lunch break with a big smile and said – just looking around I found $12.00 in coins and bills – just laying around. Wow how did that happen? I responded this is a basic principle of your ability to create your reality. See, I said this is not about manifesting – because manifesting holds your good as separate from you and that you have to work to make it happen – to appear. What we are discussing is your mind creating a new reality where your cash exists. Now it is your job to notice it.

And you money will mind you when you treat it better.

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  • Marthe Saville says:

    I have been listening to a cd set of the “One Command” and working withit as much as possible. I intend to continue and feel led in that direction.

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