Talk To Your Money

by Asara Lovejoy | Posted on September 28, 2012

How nice are you to your money? Really?  What do you say about it every day and how do you talk to it? I’d like to suggest that you develop a really nice relationship with your cash.  A friendship where you say praiseworthy things – like I appreciate you cash.  You are so handsome and wonderful.. And I love having you close to me – right in my pockets  and wallet and purse and bank accounts. In our Commanding Wealth programs we encourage you to have great Conversations with Your Cash. In my experience cash has consciousness.  That is right. Cash does respond to you in the same way a tree or flower or anythng made of physical matter can respond.

If you are nice to cash and apprecite it – it shows up in unexpected ways.  You’ll unexpectedly find some money in a pocket or more then you expect is in your bank account…and the opposite is true as well.  If you are mean to your money – disparage it – talk bad about it is simply ignors you.  When you look for cash it isn’t there.

For today and tomorrow and for always – please talk nice to your money.




  • Tanya says:

    What a wonderful idea. I immediately organized my money and thanked it for sticking around and loving me. Thank you

  • Woodrow says:

    Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful article.
    Thanks for supplying this information.

  • ynrhoffru says:

    men ?? centre ?? Nonprofits ?? of ?? suites.

  • I really think this is true… it’s like Law of Attraction – if you are sending money and your cash the vibes that you don’t care about it or you are dismissive towards it, then that is what you’ll get back from it! But if you send it loving thoughts and are appreciative, it will respond and start showing up more. 🙂

  • mahati says:

    I have been a Theta healing practitioner and a Master yoga Teacher for 2 years now. in my expirience, Money is Energy in motion. when you send Love and gratitude to it, it will respond sending love back to you. love it and it will love you back. meditate on it, touch it, smell it, feel it happy sitting in your wallet, in your bank accoun. and especially feel happines and gratitude when you are giving it away.

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