Gratitude Brings Freedom

by Asara Lovejoy | Posted on September 30, 2012

This coming month at Bonnie Strehlow writes, ” Gratitude is not just something that comes after you receive something you’ve been wanting. It is the necessary ingredient that must be present before you receive.

You know how Wayne Dyer says “you will see it when you believe it.” Same principle. Gratitude must be in your energy field consistently if you want things to be grateful for to show up in your life.

Now there is a freedom when you live in Gratitude and there is a challenge in just getting there—or staying there once you arrive.

The problem is that the stress and worry that come with that struggle and efforting are like chains that keep you imprisoned in a life that no you no longer want. Yes, it is difficult to live in Gratitude when you struggle every day or when you feel chained to the past or cannot envision a different future.

Just like you cannot sit down and stand up at the same time, you cannot live in scarcity and experience prosperity at the same time either. One must go in order for the other to be realized.

That is where the freedom comes in. Gratitude allows you to reclaim your power, see opportunities where you thought there were none and receive your deepest desires.”

Check out the live calls that are offered every Wednesday for the One Command life members. They are awesome and the challenge for this month is enjoying gratitude in giving and receiving.


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