Patricia Albere founder of Evolutionary Collective on Radio today

by Asara Lovejoy | Posted on October 02, 2012

Patricia Albere the founder of Evolutionary collective is my radio guest today at 3:00pm. She is a return guest who I greatly enjoy as she brings a great opportunity for living life differently – my highest value. She holds a spcae of true evolution in her words and her manner. This is what Patricia says, “There are a handful of us who are ready to connect beyond the limitations of the ego and survival consciousness. Evolutionary relatedness demands integrity, it demands that we accept responsibility for the inescapable influence we have on one another, and it demands a wholehearted commitment to serve more than our individual selves. It’s from that orientation that we are discovering and creating the tools, techniques and means for the innovative action the planet is urgently inviting; and the reality is: those pieces can only be created together.”

Tune in at 3:00 live in Seattle on your HD radio receiver live in Seattle 106.9 Channel 3 or See you there.


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