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Our Spring Special and Thank You Gratitude Gift Bundle

Our Spring Special Thank You and Gratitude gift Bundle includes our two-best selling Nightingale-Conant programs, The One Command:Imprint Your DNA for Lasting Wealth & Happiness, and the Theta Code!

Nightingale-Conant is the biggest self-help and motivational firm in the world for over 50 years and asked Asara Lovejoy to bring The One Command to their product line along with, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Joe Vitale, Brain Tracy and moreā€¦

The One Command: Imprint Your DNA for Lasting Wealth & Happiness

Asara Lovejoy says, What you dream of becoming, you already are. Here you learn to unlock the answers, solutions and life-changing breakthroughs available to your all-powerful mind and bring them into reality in every cell of your being. Join Asara on the journey with these exciting programs! One on success and creating great cash success and The Theta Code designed for your Health and Wellness.

The Theta Code: Activate Your Blueprint of Vital Health & Wellness

Here you establish a new relationship with your health. Have you heard that old saying “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired?” The Theta Code is your chance to master your powerful, innate abilities for self-healing and to reclaim your health and vitality RIGHT NOW!

Sold separately for $134.00, invest today and receive this special package for $47.00. Enter your “SPRING2014” CODE AT FINAL CHECKOUT WHERE “ADD CODE FORM” APPEARS.

Click here to invest today!

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