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Beyond The Basics –Taking Commanding to the Next Level – Meleta Ward

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“Meleta’s pure energy and loving heart pours through this recording as she masterfully takes her listeners to a greater and deeper understanding of The One Command.” –Asara Lovejoy, Author of The One Command

This 2 CD set, or 85 minute MP3 recording goes beyond the basics of Commanding. It is an intermediate to advanced course in Commanding. It covers everything from,

How to tell if you are in theta
How to command about another person
Commanding through the layers of an issue
How to know what to command
Stacking commands
Shortcut commanding, and much more.

This recording contains a guided One Command Stacking Meditation that the listener can use over and over again for their personal commands.

The recording contains 14 Tracks that have been set to beautiful and relaxing music. It builds on the six steps of The One Command and teaches the listener many of the things that are taught in one to three day One Command Classes. It is basically an intermediate to advanced course in commanding.

Track 1 Introduces the recording and explains how to use it.

Track 2 Takes the listener through a stacking meditation where the listener commands for what they are wanting from the recording itself. As it does this, it provides the listener with the experience of doing a stacking command.

Track 3 Explains many different ways of knowing if a person is in the Theta Brainwave.

Track 4 Teaches the listener how to design commands that are very thorough, contain a lot detail and depth.

Track 5 Explains why it is useful to stack commands and how to do this.

Track 6 Helps the listener determine when it is best for them to write down their commands vs. going to theta and being guided by Infinite Intelligence with the wording of their commands.

Track 7 and 8 Teach how to do shortcut commanding, and how and why this is useful to do in a crisis.

Track 9 Explains how to command about another person and why this is effective.

Track 10 Teaches how to command through the different parts, layers, fears or concerns that may be contained within a significant issue.

Track 11 Helps the listener identify the projections they are making and believing; helps the listener see within themselves the source of the projections; helps the listener design commands to change themselves and these projections.

Track 12 Gives solid suggestions for easily making The One Command a natural, everyday part of your life.

Track 13 Teaches the listener how to have fun, joy and adventure experiencing six step One Command meditations/visualizations.

Track 14 This is a moving, spiritual experience that also happens to be a guided stacking One Command meditation. The listener can use this Track over and over again for their personal commanding.

Thank you for your interest in this recording and in The One Command. May you create with ease the life you of your dreams. –Meleta

CD Add to Cart 49.95                   MP3 Add to cart 39.95


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