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Introduction to The One Command by Meleta Ward

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“Meleta’s clear mind and soaring inspiration make for powerful transformation in each one she touches.”

– Asara Lovejoy, Author of The One Command
This recording provides the listener with a thorough understanding of The One Command. It guides the listener through the process of designing and experiencing a powerful, personalized command. It includes a guided meditation and visualization of The One Command that can be used over and over for making effective commands.

  • Learn The One Command
  • Go To The Theta Brain Wave
  • Formulate Powerful Commands
  • Lay Down Neuro-Net Pathways For Commanding
  • Practice Commanding
  • Use The “Pause Command” Recording Over And Over For Personal Commanding

This 48-minute introduction to The One Command contains 10 tracks that have been set to beautiful and relaxing music. Anyone who listens to it will learn what The One Command is and how it works. In addition, they will be taken through an experience of constructing and experiencing powerful, personal commands.

The first track addresses the power of The One Command and the amazing results people receive from using it.

Track 2 provides the listener with an understanding of how and why The One Command works.

In track 3, the listener receives a first-hand experience of The One Command as they are guided thru a meditation and visualization of The 6 Steps of The One Command. This experience is the beginning of the listener laying down neuro-net pathways for commanding.

In track 4, the listener is given a detailed explanation of each of The 6 Steps.

Tracks 5 and 6 teach the listener how to construct powerful and effective commands. This is followed up in track 7 with the listener being taken through the process, one step at a time, of constructing a powerful personal command that corresponds to what the listener wants to change, remove or improve in their life.

In track 8, the listener is given a guided meditation and visualization through The 6 Steps of The One Command where they make the command they designed in the previous track. This meditation and visualization is designed as a “pause command”, so the listener can use track 8 at any time for any command they are personally wishing to make.

Track 9 addresses the frequently asked question about making a command more than one time. It discusses following up an initial command with subsequent commands and stresses the importance of “marking the moments”.

The recording concludes in track 10 with instructions about how to get further information on The One Command.

Thank you for joining us on the journey to your greatest power – the one that reside right within you!

MP3 Add to cart 19.95

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