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From Family Failure to Your Foundation for Success

Science has discovered that every time you tell an old story about your life – it changes.  The same events you remembered in the original instance change each time you relate the story.  With each telling your experience becomes more exaggerated and more negative and damaging to you.

If you have ever wished to get rid of your baggage – of your old story and come into a new more powerful way of being – greater performance and results, happiness and satisfaction then you’ll want to attend this two-part event because here is where it changes in an instant!

In this 3 Part program delivered direct to your in-box as an audio/visual presentation with downloadable MP3 files for your easy listening we:

  • Identify your unmet needs and bring your hidden motivators to conscious awareness, where you can meet them in more positive ways.
  • Change the Story of Your Family
  • Heal the wreckage of your early experiences and change your perceptions of your worth
  • Identify your highest values and enact them in your subconscious mind
  • Remove the victim and transform into the victorious
  • Identify the qualities that gave you survival skills and turn them into your platform of success
  • Prepare you to act and live from the greatness in you
  • Bring your gifts to the world-at-large

How can me make this promise? It is simple.  When you focus on a result with a system of change that disengages the old story and allows your greatest qualities to arrive instead – then you see a new event horizon for your life.

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Ask your self what has the negative impact of my childhood story about my life been.  How has it limited me in my ability to trust –to find love – to be financially successful to feel empowered rather than disempowered?  If you like so many others know you have not lived your full potential because of your pain and blame of your childhood stories then this is the opportunity you have been seeking – to end that cycle and to start a cycle of success instead.

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