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The Theta Code: Activate Your Blueprint of Vital Health and Wellness with Asara Lovejoy and Bonnie Strehlow

The Theta Code: Activate Your Blueprint of Vital Health

Say yes to this powerful healing 7 CD set audio program and self-guided interactive wellness manual and learn to:

  • Embrace your body’s Healing Code
  • Take charge of your physical health
  • Understand the relationship between your thoughts and illness
  • Transform your thoughts and activate your healing
  • Move beyond limitations and make new choices about your health
  • Here you discover that your health conditions can be greatly improved or even completely reversed as you establish a new relationship with your body and your ability to heal and become whole in brand new ways. Because The Theta Code gives you the ability to regulate internal systems in your body as you reestablish health naturally and easily.

    Bonnie Strehlow is a gifted healing intuitive and Asara Lovejoy is the founder of The one Command programs worldwide and together they bring this revolutionary health and wellness program that includes deep level theta and delta meditations for improved health conditions.

    Plus great healing mediation bonuses…

    7 Set CD Regular Price $87.00 Special Now $47.00

    Invest in your Health and Order NOW with our special savings!

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