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Welcome to The One Command
Transformational Programs

The One Command is a process by which you consciously change your brain, and upgrade the frequency of your thoughts for dramatic results. And you can focus it on any area of your life. We’ve organized our programs so you have an easy overview of the different applications of The One Command and can easily find the ones that are of interest to you. Our programs are delivered to you in your private learning center (with the exception of the hard copy items) and are in video and downloadable audio formats. In addition, you have quick access to us for conversations about any of our programs, our educational trainings, and one-on-one coaching. Give us a hail as we love to find out what is happening with you.


The One Command Basics and More

1. The One Command Special Starter Package – The One Command E-Book, The One Command MP3, and Introduction to The One Command and Beyond The Basics –Taking Commanding to the Next Level MP3 and BONUS Daily Command video.

Programs immediate delivery online

Regular Investment $74.97 Special Package Now $57.00

2. Introduction to The One Command and Beyond The Basics – Taking Commanding to the Next Level – 2 part package with Meleta Ward.

Introduction to The One Command guides the listener through designing and experiencing a powerful, personalized Command. It includes a guided meditation and visualization of The One Command that can be used over and over for making effective commands. You learn to formulate powerful Commands and lay down Neuro-Net Pathways For Commanding. And Beyond the Basics is an intermediate to advanced course in Commanding. It adds, how to Command about another person, Commanding through the layers of an issue, stacking Commands, shortcut Commanding, and much more.

Online Immediate Delivery MP3 Programs $47.00

Money and Success

3. Special Money and Success Package – When you invest in this package you receive 2 of our most prominent programs. The powerful 8 sessions of Cash Rich Success immediately delivered in video and audio format, along with the dynamic Personal and Business Success in 5 sessions . You receive one program for FREE.

Immediate Online Delivery of programs
Regular Investment $895.00 Special Now $488.00

4. Cash Rich Success – our Premier Program – The powerful 8 sessions of Cash Rich Success immediately delivered in video and audio format

Regular Investment $997.00 Special Now $488.00

5. The One Command: Imprint Your DNA for Lasting Wealth and Happiness – 6 CD set

6 CDE Set Mailed $89.00

6. Personal and Business Success – 5 sessions

Immediate Online Delivery $97.00

Health Vitality and Wellness

7. Special Health Vitality and Wellness Package – Big discounts when you package the 7 CD Set sent by mail, The Theta Code: Activate Your Blueprint of Vital Health and Wellness, and the immediate audio/video delivery of The One Command Health Wellness and Healing System. Or purchase separately.

7CD Set Mailed / Immediate Online Delivery of program
Regular Investment $168.00 Special Now $89.00

8. The Theta Code: Activate Your Blueprint of Vital Health and Wellness

7 CD Set Mailed $87.00

9. The One Command Health Wellness and Healing System

Immediate Online Delivery $79.00


10. Empowerment Members Library – Keep stimulating your mind and reprogramming your brain for the results you are after –a better life, greater happiness and success with our powerful MP3 inspiring messages, articles and thought leader interviews. Get in the habit of your new way of being.

Immediate Online Delivery $17.00 a month

Click here to talk with us in person about any of our programs or help you on your path. Talk with you soon.

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