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Transform Your Life and Your Business with The One Command Technique Right NOW!

Let us Show You How!

The One Command technique is especially impactful for Coaches, Consultants and Business Leaders. Each has delivered this SECRET WEAPON for greater results and success.

The training is completed in 2 Months online with two more bonus weeks of added value. AND once you have completed the training you are qualified to learn 5 specific applications of the Advanced One Command Techniques.

This benefits you personally, and is the technique you can use in your coaching and consulting practice, and in leadership training for your small to corporate size business.

What sets The One Command apart is the quick access to the most important part of the brain – the part where change naturally occurs – the theta brain state. In moments, through the process, you make a neurological and biological change with new ideas, beliefs and conditions you want. Real interior change equals real in the world results!

Asara Lovejoy, founder of the process says, “When you access your brain in the theta state you access a master tool that is beyond anything you can do with your logic; no matter how much effort you make, or how hard you try.”

Now is the time......

Now is the time to have the best and most advanced skills to adapt to the changes in our economy and lifestyles. Old practices and norms are gone.

It is IMPARITIVE that you have NEW SKILLS to generate deeper connections within yourself so you can come up with creative solutions to generate a better livelihood, in a BIG way, and to inspire others to do the same.

Now is the time to become an exceptional leader. A leader brings change to others. A leader, inspires others through their own success and capabilities. A leader says YES to finding solutions outside of the box and makes them work.

All these are possible when you act, think and feel through your higher theta brain state.

Here is what others have to say about their One Command experience.......

Renee Eckhart, program graduate…
I feel ‘Great!’ —- Tony the Tiger GRRREAT! Working with The One Command I had a ‘new’ idea for my program and it’s working great. I have found the magic that I’ve been looking for. I’ve worked with other trainers and coaches but Asara and her team were able to quickly get to the root of my issues. I began to see dramatic changes quickly. And you will too when you sign up for training in The One Command!

Linda Fialkoff, One Command Graduate, Massachusetts
“Tony Robbins/Madanes teaches the importance of what they call the Triangle for changing our state: Physiology, Focus and Meaning. The One Command does the whole change… What is so mind blowing is the meaning: we shift from powerless to owning our power as we go into new thoughts, images and feelings. Our focus becomes 100% on what we are wanting. I love what you said “We become what we command.” That gave me the goose bumps. I got it. I am what I am searching for. It’s really that simple. I am waking up from my dream of separation.”

Thank you so much for making this available to the world!! Michelle Wolff
The One Command has literally changed my life. As soon as I began using it my mind really clicked into the knowledge that I really can’t figure out how to resolve long standing issues! Once I was able to let go and feel relieved of the burden of trying to find solutions from a mind level perspective money started flowing and an unexpected benefit was within days my husband was noticeably more loving and mindful around me so double score! The One Command is the most ideal tool to bring together all the missing pieces and rocket manifesting to the moon!

Business Success – Holly, Arizona
After her One Command Coaching, business owner Holly shares her good news!
“In that month’s time, my publication – Natural Awakenings Magazine in Tucson has not only obtained the wisdom, knowledge and skills, but has grown 8 pages, secured the sponsorship of a local radio station, and increased in revenue with larger, more prominent and credible advertisers wanting to participate. I will also be interviewed on the radio and begin advertising during that popular radio show twice a week. All of this has evolved quite naturally, easily and to say I am astonished is an understatement!”

Ending Family Crises – Plano Texas
“Thank you Asara for the transformation in our family. When we began our coaching sessions I was in constant suffering over my son and his difficult behavior. In fact he has high OCD and been diagnosed with mild autism. There has been such a transformation with your coaching system. Here are some of the results. S.E.M”

“After our One Command sessions, my 15-year-old son began doing things for me that I didn’t even ask him to such as pushing our shopping cart in the grocery store, loading the groceries into it, and loading and unloading our car. He is far more cooperative these days and truly seems to want to be helpful most of the time. He also finished 9th grade with a B average and passed all five of his state exams. He decided, on his own, to eat healthy foods and exercise, and supports me in doing the same. I have felt myself relax and let go of the reigns a bit, able to trust my son to make his own, wise choices. I watch him interact with other adults and marvel at how polite and sincere he is. He is growing into a fine young man and I am growing into a more patient, accepting and effective parent.”

And for a limited time only. . . A Special Bonus!

Apply NOW for the BETA launch of The One Command Technique Training and get a weekly live Q&A with both Asara Lovejoy and Eden Lovejoy. Get all your questions answered, personalized Commands, and all the support you need to activate The One Command Technique in your life and your business. Simple and easy – click on the apply button and we’ll set up a time to answer your questions and get you started immediately in the training..

Unlocking Your Theta Mind

Most folks only concentrate on making things better through their logical thinking – and I like that part of my brain. It has many great functions, making lists, comparing and contrasting, looking to the past and projecting to the future, but what it doesn’t have are solutions to many problems, or answers to millions of questions because that is not its job.

Yes, smart as we are we didn’t know that more effort would not, could not, get results from our logical processor. And time after time you get stuck right there. Doing the best you can but not getting the results you are after.

Your ability to Command your brain, to access your quantum mind in theta is your secret weapon to activate your genius. You immediately remove blocks and being stuck and limited, at the same time you make new neurological connections to create what you truly want with powerful successful results.

This is an especially useful skill in challenging times when the established patterns, and business models no longer get results. Solutions for generating new income, and or transferring your existing talent and skills into a new form are revealed in your theta brain state.

Here Are A Few Things To Know

  • The theta brainwave is where your genius center resides.
  • Theta operates as your subconscious storage bin.
  • When you Command in theta you re-program your subconscious instantly – opening you to powerful ideas and positive results.
  • The theta brainwave only operates in now (no past or future so no worry).
  • The theta brainwave solves millions of problems and finds solutions you can never ever find with your logical mind.
  • Your theta brainwave is the conduit to intuitive problem solving and creative solutions.
  • When you think in theta, it generates better health, a sense of wellbeing, and joy and satisfaction, as well as, massive success.

And there is even more....

We've been seeing great results from our graduates who have noticed.....

  • Calm instead of stress
  • Excitement replacing worry
  • Trust in your ability to create reality in the direction you chose
  • New ideas arise from the quantum possibilities
  • Clarification leading to inspired actions
  • Natural flow from success to success

During the training we cover……..

The Quantum Principles of The One Command
“Consciousness is a non-local field phenomenon not caused by, nor reducible to, the brain but simply coupled to the brain…it is the local attention filters of the nervous system, evolved to……access the universal repository of knowledge.”
– Dreamed Up Reality by Bernardo KastrupYou as the Observer

  • You as the Observer choose from the possibilities, the one facet that becomes the actuality of your experience.
  • Physicists call this process the collapse of the quantum wave possibility.
  • When you Command a thought you are in essence collapsing a wave function into a particle that then becomes your thought that then becomes matter.

Super Positioning as the Observer

  • The One Command creates a New Thought in the unified field that leads to a new experience in a single synchronized moment.
  • This coherence realigns your unconscious mind in agreement with your new idea.
  • Neurons fire new sequences with new biochemistry of this new possibility.
  • New habits of thinking are established.

The More You Operate in the Unified Field of theta the more coherent your brain becomes.

Training in The One Command technique is delivered online with coaching support. It means you can get better results, quicker and faster with lasting results, impressing your clients and increasing your expert status in your field.It means exponential personal growth, and a new success identity, all delivered with joy and satisfaction.

YOUR Online Training Starts Immediately Upon Your Acceptance in the Course!!!!

Click to enjoy your best self and organization going forward

We invite you to upgrade your inner capacity to see immediate results in your coaching, consulting, business and leadership training right now! You’ll be super surprised and happy that you did.

****Super Bonuses That Are****
Included in the Training!

Bonus # 1 Two Additional weeks of training that include specific models of enhanced communication skills.

You receive the Mastery in Action program after completing the 2-month training and learn 5 Advanced applications for in-depth change in the inner psychology for yourself, your clients, as a leader and in your business.

Bonus # 2 Re-Imaging Process

There is a very specific fast track to change every limit, hurt, disappointment, despair, or judgment against – every relationship with family, co-workers, friends, business partners or management or employees – as well as, your opinion of business opportunities, banks, the wealthy, and world leaders.

Bonus # 3 Inner Self-Connection Process

You must be able to live without fear in order to grow and advance yourself in your life. Removing the fear of judgment from others, fear of condemnation or mistrust, and living to please – gives you the freedom to feel safe and secure instead and is the first essential breakthrough you must make for true advancement. This process removes fear forever and re-establishes the most essential link you MUST HAVE for self-care, self-worth and fearless living.

Bonus # 4 Circles of Influence Process

I don’t think there is one person I have met or coached or who has attended my courses that has not felt at one time like the outsider. Some have a greater feeling of being “on the outside” than others, but all those I have met got stuck somewhere thinking, feeling and believing that doors are closed, or they are not accepted, or there is a unreachable power group that determines their limits (the elusive inner-circle).

All of those ideas and feelings end with the Circle of Influence Process. Stars rise, recognition is realized with great status, and others see you as the one to know and emulate when you demonstrate your INNER Circle of Influence.

Bonus # 5 The One Command Neurology of Swift Change

Dropping into the deepest levels of theta through words, sounds, metaphors, examples and stories releases past and creates a new present without a thought. Every child and adult I know loves a good story.

Bonus # 6 Direct Change through Hyper-Link Theta Command.

As The One Command has reached a high threshold of thousands upon thousands applying the process – it has grown into a new peak of evolved consciousness in the Hyper-Link Theta Command. This shortened and quickened One Command process includes every aspect of the 6-steps but evolved into a higher form. You’ll be delighted with the Hyper-Link One Command.

Total BONUS value is $1,097.00

Eden is founder of Your Business and owner of two other business as well as Virtual Manager of two large corporations. Her business clarity, compassion generates 6 figure income, plus happy satisfied production for her clients and business partners.

Eden Lovejoy

Asara is founder of The One Command Technique, author and world thought leader who has influenced over 500,000 worldwide with her programs to uplift and dramatically enhance our human potential. There is a great opportunity for advancement and growth from the transformation that Asara brings to the world.

Asara Lovejoy

Asara and Eden both say LET’S GET STARTED Click the Apply button now!!!!

Talk with you soon!

Asara Lovejoy, founder of The One Command Technique Certification.
Eden Lovejoy, President The One Command Global Corporation

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