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Invisible Forces Want Your Attention!

Do you notice a definite change happening within you and in others around you? Some kind of malaise or uncertainty that was never there before? Or a jolt of energy and clarity that is so strong you wonder where it came from? This is the effect of the new frequencies coming alive on the planet, and you are a part of this dynamic.

Asara Shares – Take a Leap of Faith

As a child I had an extraordinary experience that left me certain the outside rules were feeble compared to the inside intelligence of our source SELF. It has been my mission to proclaim this truth, in such a way, that any person can KNOW this truth as well, and intact it instantly.

We have a story that runs inside of our head and defines our life, but you have a more magnificent version of yourself that operates in the invisible realm of infinite consciousness that has an unlimited potential to create in any direction you wish.

Taking a leap of faith to operate in that greater intelligent circuitry is easier than you might think.

First, we now have neuroscientists around the world that verify that the way you think affects the environment of your DNA and the character of your life. Your brain can change at any age. We also know that once you change your brain, you change the entirety of your thought field, your DNA – and thereby change your experience in the world.

My book and process, The One Command has revealed itself to be a master tool to connect to that inherent invisible elevated ability, and thereby to instantly create new solutions to problems, as well as activate many under realized abilities.

The benefits are endless; a calm serenity that instantly relaxes your stress in any situation; old fears, blame, resentment, feeling disempowered, suppressed or unworthy vanish, and instead you rise into new levels of love, clarity, empowerment, closeness to others, trust; and you are able to accomplish your life’s purpose and goals at an accelerated speed with grace and ease.

This experience of elevated consciousness is transferred to students and clients alike who attend our live and online courses or engage in one-on-one sessions.

I say this is the next great adventure of your life – discovering the power of who you truly are. See you on the journey as you join the other thousands of individuals who have gone before you.

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Loving you already,
Asara Lovejoy

Author, The One Command

Founder, Enlightened Consciousness Coaching and Enlightened Consciousness Events

Story Consultant and Associate Producer for the movie, The Awakeners

Nightingale-Conant author, The One Command: Imprint Your DNA for Lasting Wealth and Happiness

Nightingale-Conant author, The Theta Code: Activate Your Blueprint of Vital Health

President, The One Command Global Corporation

Asara and Her Celebrity Friends

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