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The Theta Code

Activate your blueprint for vital health. The audio program that is simply transforming what is possible in health and wellness.

The One Command has a secret application to activate your perfect blueprint for health. Yes, that is right! You will be speaking directly to your DNA!

Imagine the results.  Because this goes beyond the body-mind connection to your act of creation.

What if you could recapture vitality and health with one simple method? Wouldn’t you want to know how? Wouldn’t you want to choose how healthy you want to be?

Your poor health conditions are reversible!

In this program, you discover scientific research and proven methods to change the patterns that negatively impact your vitality and health. You walk away with specific and easy-to-learn tools that empower you to regain and maintain vibrancy and vitality.

Say YES to The Theta Code 7 CD set audio program and self-guided interactive wellness manual and learn to:

  • Embrace your body’s Healing Code
  • Take charge of your physical health
  • Understand the relationship between your thoughts and illness
  • Transform your thoughts and activate your healing
  • Move beyond limitations and make new choices about your health

Are you ready to establish a new relationship with your health?
Do you spend more time focused on your illness than your health?
Like that old saying “Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?”

Are you ready? Here is your chance to master your powerful, innate abilities for self-healing and
reclaim your health and vitality RIGHT NOW!

Asara Lovejoy, author of the best selling Nightingale-Conant audio program and book, The One Command, has joined with well-known intuitive healer Bonnie Strehlow, to bring you a healing program, the likes of which you have never heard before.

Completely New

This spectacular wellness program is brand new in what you discover about your health and your ability to heal!

“The power that creates the body, heals the body.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

The Theta Code is the ability to regulate internal systems in your body and reestablish health naturally and easily, by applying your innate ability to heal in a brand new way.

  • Every aspect of this program you are going to take action to make
  • Be guided through a process to be self-aware that is easy and effortless.
  • Re-regulate your attention towards health rather than illness.
  • Live in your super intelligence as a regular habit every day.
  • Your healing codes exist in deep theta/delta state

The balanced body is not only a physical body, but it is an energetic body that we call your Etheric Blueprint for your health. This etheric blueprint for health is the master plan for healthy, vibrant living that always remains intact. No matter how you denigrate it through thoughts, emotions and behaviors this etheric blueprint continues to exist in its wholeness.

  • Your etheric blueprint is the master plan for health
  • Your etheric blueprint always exists in its wholeness
  • Unlocking your healing codes restores and reactivates

Everyone has an etheric blueprint for optimal health. Your body is already coded to heal and is always striving for health and balance. YOU can step into that blueprint NOW. Take charge of your health and experience deep healing.

Discover the power of your mind, your biology and your healing power that is right within you. People taking our program with good health have increased their energy and vibrancy and those with less optimum health have quickly and easily healed.

We want you to know the untapped power to heal right within you on a daily
basis – and to trust and know the ability and the power to heal as yours.

Are you ready to unlock your healing codes? Are you ready to jump in
and restore and reconnect with your perfect etheric blueprint for health?

Engage in brand new ways of thinking about your power to heal!

  • One woman reported that the pain that she had lived with for years in her back, her ankle, and her heels was instantly gone.
  • A lifelong pet allergy healed in about 20 minutes.
  • A young woman who was scheduled for surgery the next day dissolved a blood clot above her heart.
  • The doctors called it a miracle as Maureen, who at 89 pounds, was bedridden while taking chemotherapy treatments for her cancer regained hair and weight and made a complete recovery.
  • A woman who had walked bent over for over 50 years stood up straight.

Some people believe strongly in their innate ability to heal – but simply don’t know how to go about putting that belief into practical use. Maybe you’ve not had that experience yet—making a change in your health. Maybe you’re in a chronic pain cycle or have an ongoing debilitating condition. Other people say again and again, that may be true for others that they can heal- but not for me. There seems to be a disconnect between hearing what is possible and doing it.

If you have the desire to increase your wellness and vitality and are open to learning something new – open to a new way of thinking and being – the way of the healthy and contented then the answer is right here – right now and here you discover what that is!

“I had learned to live with constant and extreme joint pain along with
neuropathy that resulted from several months of aggressive chemotherapy
and radiation treatments. In just a few minutes, the pain in my body went
away and I could stand straight up. I could also feel my feet, which I hadn’t
been able to do for two years. I put my cane down and began walking
around and could do so without assistance or difficulty.” Apple P.

To start the process of healing and improving your health, you must become self-aware in brand new ways.

The first KEYSTONE to healing is awareness.

It is the lack of awareness that allows illness, pain and suffering to persist – but you haven’t been shown how to ask the right questions – to get the right answers to end that cycle.

Lack of trust in yourself and your healing ability can be eliminated when you learn to tune into your body and to tell the truth about your thoughts that are either supporting your health or denying it.

This program is designed to The Theta Code in such a way that you get the results you are after…

  • Create a loving, positive relationship with your body
  • Reclaim and regain good health and greater vitality
  • Receive advance warning of impending illness
  • Take corrective action before a problem shows up

Let’s take the giant leap together to not only learn how and why your body is ready to heal but the exact method to engage your healing codes.

Here you’ll discover a greater intelligence that is yours that is the Key to making all this possible and to start living in another portion of your intelligence, your super intelligence as a regular daily habit.

Yes, I want to Invest in My Health Now and receive fantastic Wellness Bonuses!

Say YES, and invest in your great health and wellness now!

  • The Theta Code 7 CD set and Wellness Manual!
  • Free Bonus: Unlock your Stress Factors with Bonnie Strehlow and Dr. Katie Garnett
  • Free Bonus: Behold Your Sacred Body with Bonnie Strehlow

Yes, I want to Invest in My Health Now and receive fantastic Wellness Bonuses!

P.S. Asara and Bonnie will be sending you some more audio MP3 bonuses to help you along the way.

P.P.S.If there was ever a time to invest in your health and wellness it is right now and we thank you for the privilege of Commanding that it is so with you!

In good health yours,
Asara and Bonnie

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