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Run Circles
Make Money
Change Lives!

Discover the Power of
The One Command Circles®

In This Amazing Training Program You Learn:

How to Start a Circle
How to Run a Circle
How to Get People to Come to Your Circles
Teach People The One Command
And How to Run TeleCircles!!!

Hello Everyone,

For the first time our incredible One Command Certified Circle Leaders Training is Available in an MP3 audio and MP4 video Training Package delivered right to you online!


You Make a Huge Difference in People’s Lives on a Regular Basis!

Here’s What People Say About The One Command Circle Leaders Training:

“I was looking for ways to inspire people to understand The One Command. The Training easily met that need providing me with lots of stories, such as the one about the £5 note in front of the pub door, which I used in my very next Circle to illustrate the need to look for evidence of Commands manifesting. I also picked up a range of tips, like the one to assure people they have reached the theta state. Altogether it deepened my understanding of The One Command process, and made me feel more confident in the Circles I’ve since led.”

May Johnstone
Certified Circle Leader, UK

“I just wanted to thank you for the amazing One Command Circle Facilitator Training! It was absolutely fantastic.
The One Command Certified Circles Leader Training is a gift that’s well worth the

It’s clear that teachers Dr. Katie Garnett and Asara Lovejoy are masters of using The One Command with Circles and have a profound understanding of this process.What makes Katie and Asara exceptional (and this course) is their ability to convey this knowledge to people like myself, which they do so creatively and skillfully. As a result, my experience of The One Command has deepened, and I now feel equipped to facilitate groups using this powerful practice.

Thanks, again, for sharing your knowledge and your gentle, beautiful energy.”

Mary D.

Benefit from Our Combined Knowledge and Experience

Meet Your Trainers:

Katie Garnett, PhD, MPH, Author,
Program Creator, Master Coach and
Certified One Command Worldwide Trainer

Dr Katie, co-developed The One Command Circle Leaders program based on her experience as a corporate trainer, teacher, program developer and psychologist in conjunction with Asara Lovejoy, The One Command founder. One Command Circles are now held around the world, from California to Israel and New York to Italy and Norway to Antarctica and on every continent. We just certified three Circle Leaders in Montana and Amsterdam! You go Leaders!!

Dr. Katie is one of only two certified One Command trainers worldwide and impacts
thousands of individuals in her trainings and through her one-on-one coaching.
We celebrate her enormous contribution in the world.

Asara Lovejoy, Author of The One
Command and Founder of The One
Command Global Programs

Asara says, “I am thrilled to co-facilitate The One Command Certified Circles leadership training with Dr Katie and Bonnie Strehlow because it has such a positive impact around the world. Those of you who are becoming certified to help others discover their untapped power in 6-esy steps and by One Command are exceptional.

Creating community and support is so important, especially right now with all of the worldwide changes affecting so many. Not only are you increasing awakened consciousness as a One Command Circle Leader, but you also can earn a living right in your living room – spreading more prosperity for all.”

Bonnie Strehlow, Co-author of The Theta Code: Activate Your Blueprint for Health and Wellness and Certified One Command Worldwide Trainer and Master Coach.

Bonnie’s voice in the program touches our hearts and minds and enhances each segment of the training with stories, knowledge and incredible support. It is a joy to deliver The One Command Circles program with such a dynamic team.

And learn it all… ONLINE!


A ready made program that you can bring right into your living room or take to your church or your business office – a program that is making a fantastic difference in success, achievement, satisfaction, personal growth and physical healing from those holding the circles and those attending – and you can be the LEADER that brings THIS PROGRAM right into your world.

Now that is a powerful opportunity!

If you’re ready to increase your income and career satisfaction,
If you’re ready to lead the life you truly want, a life of wealth, health, and happiness,
And if you’re ready to help people change their lives dramatically, on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis..

Then you’re ready to be a ONE COMMAND
Certified Circle® Leader!


Here is what you get in The One Command
Certified Circle Leaders Training Program

An online audio visual presentation with the entire Course with Katie and Asara – That includes:

  • The live 6-session Certified Circle Leaders Course.
  • Teaching the ‘how-to’s’ of running a Circle successfully.
  • Teaching the ‘how-to’s’ of helping people formulate successful Commands.
  • Knowing how to explain the three parts of The One Command.
  • Knowing how to manage group behavior for the highest success for all.

A Complete Manual with Teaching on The One Command itself and…
Covers everything needed to become a highly competent Circle Leader:

  • Understand the framework of the process of Circles.
  • Develop the skills for group process management.
  • Develop a sense of competence in leadership.
  • Recognize the primary goals of the program.

The method, skills and techniques for running Circles and teaching The One Command:

  • Understand the way people learn.
  • Understand how people are reinforced in their changes.
  • Overview the conceptual foundations of the program, teaching how to teach:
    • The One Command
    • The Six Steps
    • The Support Statement

This is package is worth $997.00 but we aren’t going to charge you anywhere near that. In fact you and a partner will be Certified for the price that usually covers just one person at our super 80% discount!!! That is correct – you and a friend can attend together – practice together and each become fully Certified as a One Command Circles Leader!!

You are highly trained and certified in our program

for just $185 for Two People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once trained and certified as a Circle Leader, you are also part of an ongoing Circle Leaders Group with global support from other Leaders.

You are part of a greater support system that includes Bonnie Strehlow and, of course, the incredible Asara Lovejoy, the very author of The One Command herself.

And you learn how to hold Online Group circles so that people can be reached anytime and anywhere. The Online Circles started in response to requests from people in Australia, U.K., Spain, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, and all over the world. In fact The One Command Circles® program is already global – held on every continent in the world.

You, as a Circle Leader get to be a part of this growth by starting your own business, offering The One Command to all the people who will be walking through your door.

Here is MORE of what you get in The One Command® Certified Circle Leaders Training Program

As a One Command Certified Circle Leader you are trained in depth to lead Circles right in your home, at your local community centers, or churches, and to bring it to the business world right at their office. Circles are based on the best-selling book, The One Command by Asara Lovejoy, and trainers are taught:

  1. The amazing power of your own mind to overcome resistance and make instant changes in your life.
  2. How you can easily use you own brain waves to supercharge your life
  3. A simple sound technique that you can use on your own that can instantly release old emotional pain
  4. How to activate your DNA blueprint for financial success
  5. A proven method for reprogramming your subconscious so you can let go of old patterns and move forward with your life
  6. How to open you mind to new ways of thinking and behaving that can lead to positive life changes
  7. The secret to taking Inspired Action that successful people all know
  8. A doorway to self-love and self-respect that, once opened, can draw in everything you need
  9. How to create cooperative relationship that can lead you to a major increase in your income
  10. A few simple protocols for dealing with the new money that is going to come in so you aren’t overwhelmed by unexpected income
  11. The one factor that keeps you stuck financially and how to overcome it
  12. Simple techniques for overcoming your fear of your own inner power so you can finally experience your true ability to manifest what you want
  13. Group process skills and techniques to make leading your Circle easy and compelling
  14. Group sharing ideas, managing group interaction

And much, much more..

The One Command teaching is the knowledge that you have an amazing capacity located in that resourceful part of your mind known as the theta state. By directing your mind to that greater intelligence in 6-Easy Steps you quickly access new and innovative ideas from a much deeper level of your consciousness.
The One Command is very different from affirmations. This is a physical event in your brain-affecting your very DNA-as well as an extraordinary event in expanding your capacity for a new life.

Once you are able to enter into theta at will, you issue the One Command in a unified state of mind; the results are powerful in creating what you desire in a moment.

Here is what Asara has to share…

“I discovered this simple yet revolutionary ability when I hit my own wall. That wall many of us have experienced when we were shaking underneath the covers at night worried to death about that next pay check, keeping our home, making a good life for our children, handling a divorce or messy martial affair, losing a job, or any of the many trying times we have all gone through.”
“But I discovered there are and always have been extraordinary states of awareness we can activate and operate in our daily life, naturally and easily. In reality it is more natural to be peaceful and relaxed, rather than angry, fearful, and stressed. It is more natural to live from our extraordinary states, but you have to reclaim that ability to do so.”

Asara Lovejoy
author of The One Command

What you can accomplish is so magnificent that it astounds the limited beta mind. It is only through conscious access to our extraordinary states, the Theta brain wave, that every success you have imagined can be yours right now!

And that’s exactly what’s happening in The One Command Circles all across the country and all over the world!

You benefit from attendance no matter what your current financial situation.

The One Command Circles can take place anywhere: in someone’s home, in a public forum-they can even happen over the phone!

What if teaching The One Command Circles
could change your life?
Here is what Dr. Katie Garnett, coach/counselor, corporate trainer, university professor and health educator has to say about her experience with The One Command

What has it done for me?
Well, after learning The One Command I turned around major life losses, I suddenly got an offer on my house and moved to beautiful Oro Valley, Arizona, I began improving my health, and most importantly, I created a brand new career!

I am sure some of you have been where I have been. Where would you like to be now?

Are you ready to be a part of this excitement by becoming a Certified Circle Leader and changing your own life as you affect the lives of those you teach? The more you teach, the more you learn. Your success always grows.

Asara Lovejoy is a woman on fire! She is the change agent of life…including wealth, relationships, careers, health and happiness!”

Katie Garnett, Ph. D

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