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with a pre-packaged seminar ready to deliver in
2- MONTHS and completely certified with a BONUS
4-week MARKETING and PROMOTION package!

We call this YOUR BUSINESS IN A BOX because it includes, more than just training on conducting a seminar (and that is quite powerful) but the complete comprehensive understanding of the material and promotion to power point presentation all ready to go.

You simply apply to become a One Command – one day Seminar Facilitator and once you are accepted in the program you’re ready to begin!

These seminars are Highly targeted to teach a revolutionary process that enables people to shift into theta, command their mind for greater financial wealth, success and happiness, reprogram their cells, activate new success DNA – with ASTONISHING speed, ease, and control.

Science has proven that we can generate new brain cells and as a seminar facilitator you’ll not only take that message to your public but demonstrate how they can achieve it in 6-easy steps and by One Command.

Yes EVERYONE can benefit from The One Command empowerment training…

There is no better time then RIGHT NOW to ADD the newest approach to actualize and realize your human potential in yourself and others through this easy online certification program.

We created this worldwide online training to answer the requests for the OPPORTUNITY to teach and share The One Command and look forward to creating a great relationship with you as one of our new One Command Seminar Facilitators.

Become certified to teach the process!

Have a complete delivery system for your seminar!

Your Seminar Facilitator’s package provided at graduation includes:

  • Power point presentations to teach the one-day and two-day seminars.
  • Facilitators outline.
  • Teacher and Student Manual
  • Stories and exercises to share with your participants.
  • A well developed system to teach The One Command and the Six steps to theta in ONE DAY!
  • No royalties or fees required after certified training in our trademarked process.
  • A total package – A total business – Ready to Go
  • Marketing Scripts and Strategies to Promote your Business and the seminar.

Simply apply to become a One Command Seminar Leader because we want to talk to you in person and find out about you and your interests and if you qualify we’ll get you registered for the training!

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The BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY to become a Certified One Command Seminar Facilitator has never been offered in such a step by step format delivered right to your door – until now!

…and The One Command process is easy to share and teach with the guidance you receive during this Online TeleCourse.

In weekly online training MP4 videos and MP3 audios, with practice materials, guided practices, questions and participation you increase your skill and ability to not only become certified in our program but to have a transferable teaching skill in any system.

In addition, you’ll have a complete Facilitators’ Package including power point presentation, facilitators outline, manuals, teaching notes and promotional and marketing material ready to go…

Here is what some of our graduated Leaders and Facilitators have to say:

Wow! Wow! Wow! What an amazing experience this has been. I feel like I have grown so much and have so much more to offer my clients in the process of learning and being part of The One Day, One Command Facilitator training. The success with using The One Command in my weight loss practice has been a TRUE GIFT. I can’t thank you enough for what these teachings have given to both myself and many others already. Clients have been referring their Mums and Dads, sisters, nieces, workmates and friends…”Sonja – Perth Australia

“At Asara’s The One Command leadership training, I found an easier way to access my Greater Capacity to shift old limiting beliefs as I created new beliefs, new realities, new possibilities. Asara helped me ground and integrate these changes so that I have confidence I can sustain as I return home to my family and work a day world.

As I reflect over my life, I appreciate how so many past challenges have been resolved during the training and I am ready to practice The One Command personally and professionally…”Christina ZM Golden, MD – USA Colorado

Dear Asara,

“When I came into The One Command Leadership program I believed I was coming into a training that would show me how to teach and disseminate – information on The One Command to others. What I hadn’t realized was how much self-development and growth I would also be getting.

I’ve discovered parts of myself that I thought I’d sorted out years ago which were nonetheless still running my life at an unconscious level. It’s been great to find methods to take control, undo old habits and re-script my life.

I feel I’ve shifted my attitude towards my early programming from a position of weakness to one of power. Thank you Asara for everything you’ve created and co-created with me and everyone here”…With much love,Annie – UK England

“Whilst at the leadership course I realized that The One Command is a great opportunity to take my life to the next level, in all areas of my life. I feel more confident, energized and open to receive all that is coming to me. Thanks Asara for showing me the way. I will certainly take this all into the world to enhance the lives of others”…Lorraine Wright – South Africa

Some people become a One Command Seminar Leader and start training others in this phenomenal new system to add to their existing business and others to learn to present a seminar and start a new business.

….AND we have others who ATTEND this intense and comprehensive Certification for their own personal growth.

This is the perfect time to get into the human potential business because the world economy has changed from being salaried to becoming your own entrepreneur…

Today we are under such financial challenges around the world we have to engage in a total re-write of fear and lack programs and change them into great personal and financial success stories! This is your opportunity to have a career where you make a REAL DIFFERENCE in peoples lives at a new level of fulfillment and success for your bright future with great income earning power…

Have you ever had that feeling that you are doing OK but there is still something missing – what more can I be doing such as earning a great income almost effortlessly? We have found the right formula to deliver a fantastic transformational seminar to the world with great information and powerful, positive results! You can become the FACILITATOR for this event with our intense and comprehensive 8-week online training!!

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Yes I’m Interested!

There is no better time then RIGHT NOW to ADD the newest approach to actualize and realize your human potential in yourself and others through this easy online certification program. We created this worldwide online training to answer the requests for the OPPORTUNITY to teach and share The One Command.

We look forward to creating a great relationship with you as one of our new One Command Seminar Facilitators.

Once you are qualified and accepted into the Leadership program you may soon be sending out a flier like this one to promote your own One Day – One Command Event.

Discover Your RICH BRAIN for Your Success and Leave Your Poor Brain Behind

Did you know that you have an untapped portion of your mind?You could call it your “Rich Brain” and you’d be right. This is the part of you that can find answers to seemingly unsolvable problems, stop a negative thought, bring calm and peace into any situation, and accomplished it all with a sense of peace and ease. Asara Lovejoy, a world leader in the human potential movement and author of The One Command says, “This may not seem possible but it is true and I love sharing this discovery with people.”

  1. Negative thinking is a natural function of our logical thinking process, what neuro science calls the “beta mind.” This is the predominate brain state we operate in when we are awake, alert and acting and reacting to our day. Negativity will never completely disappear because the job of the logical mind is to compare and contrast. You have to look at both sides – good and bad.
  2. Human beings are hard-wired for success and people can engage in that greater success when they learn the process of accessing their “theta mind.” The One Command and six-easy-steps is the process to access the theta mind that Asara discovered during her devastating financial crises. This simple yet powerful process helps people get around conventional problems and discover new solutions fast and effectively.
  3. During the One Day you’ll discover the benefits of thinking in theta that are numerous and specific to your greater financial wellbeing and success! More peace of mind, less stress, renewed sense of purpose, a greater connection to others and heightened trust in your decisions.
  4. The science is in on our innate ability to change an old subconscious thought or program and redefine what you want to think instead. The One Command process allows people to do this in moments rather than years.
  5. Confidence comes from within… What would your life be like if you had confidence to meet any adversity knowing that you could find a solution and implement new ideas easily? And the knowledge that you can bring your hopes, wishes, dreams and desires to fruition? Pretty wonderful, Yes! And this is a new way men and women can do just that.
  6. Turn around your personal economy… Many people have changed their devastating financial problems from the down turned economy as well as healing issues in their family, and improve personal relationship and health issues with The One Command. Over 300,000 folks have applied this technique around the world and emails arrive daily with success stories from different languages, cultures and nations.

We discovered an almost seamless way for you to take a training and begin to teach by not only providing you with the knowledge, information and skill set but in addition you’ll have your Facilitators Start Up Package that includes your One Day Power Point Presentation, Facilitators Outline with timing for delivery of each section, stories and practices to share during the day and of course the comprehensive teaching of The One Command and the Six Steps to Theta.

After the 8 week program you will know:

  • The background and history of why and how The One Command works and what the quantum field has to do with it’s success.
  • The three Parts to The One Command
  • The Secret behind the Power of the Six Steps
  • How to Form Your Commands
  • Processes to Clear Limits and Instill Success
  • The Biology of Activating Your Success DNA
  • Increased Skill Set to Guide and Teach Others
  • Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Presenting
  • Become a Certified One Day-One Command Seminar Facilitator
  • Question and Answer Sessions with Your Coaches
  • A great relationship with The One Command Leadership
  • Continuing Support for Your Success

Please fill out our simple application form to become one of our successful leaders around the world. We just need a little information to get started and we will call you directly for your interview.

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Yes I’m Interested!

I always love to share what Nightingale-Conant the top firm in motivational and human potential programs for over 50 years has to say about The One Command and Asara Lovejoy…

“THIS STUFF IS AMAZING.” Under the right conditions and with the right guidance, you can…

PROGRAM your ENTIRE SELF with both the desire AND the instructions for achieving, attracting and creating ANYTHING you want.

I first started hearing about Asara from our Nightingale-Conant customers. Letters and phone calls started coming, a few at first, then more than I could keep track of.

The gist of all of them was same: This woman is an incredible teacher; she is teaching something that has never been taught before; her six-step process works and it changes people’s lives FAST; the rest of your customers need to know about it.

I decided it was worth taking a serious look at who Asara Lovejoy was and what her work was all about. And what I discovered blew me away…

In her seminar, Asara teaches a revolutionary process that enables people to do everything – shift into theta, command your mind, imprint your body, reprogram your cells – with ASTONISHING speed, ease, and control.

This streamlined and extremely powerful process – it involves just six simple steps – causes complete, multi-level, and HIGHLY TARGETED transformations to take place almost instantaneously.

The results can be really incredible…”


Asara Lovejoy, author and founder of the teachings of The One Command and trainers, Dr. Katie Garnett and Bonnie Strehlow will take you step-by-step through the philosophy, practice and skills to become your own One Command Seminar Leader.

It is a great opportunity to become a leader on the cutting edge of the newest information on our planet at this time and I personally look forward to working with you when you attend our The One Command Seminar Leaders Online Training. Say yes and get started right now!

Warmly yours,

Asara Lovejoy.

P.S. Remember you also get the super BONUS Marketing and Promotion Package!

P.P.S. Call the office directly if you have any questions or want more information at toll free US 855- 862-4636 (TOC-INFO).

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