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Become Unstoppable in Cash Rich Success
with the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

In Our Super 8-Week Online Program
to Forever Change Your Relationship
with Wealth and Cash!


Many times folks say they want to be rich, or they hope to be rich, they want more cash and better financial security – but their current situation doesn’t change at all . . .



The Secret to More Cash for You

I don’t know where you are on the TEN LEVELS of WEALTH we share with you in our program, if you are rich yet stuck AND WANT TO INCREASE YOUR FINANCIAL SUCCESS or if you are suffering over money, afraid that you’ll lose what you have and not sure that you can be financially stable and secure.

Maybe you have had years of doubt, fear and lack of money, or maybe it is something that has happened just recently causing you stress each and every day.

In any case, you can end that suffering right now and live your life to the fullest.

The reason and the answer are going to shock you.

And the comprehension and application are going to delight you.

Our program, Cash Rich Success by Your Command , revolutionizes your ability and your power to create wealth and to be rich. This program launches you into a totally new level of your innate talent and mental power. You will believe it when you experience it, and you can’t learn these Cash Rich Methods anywhere else.

THERE IS A SCIENTIFIC SYSTEM to being rich and what IS missing to make most people rich has been NOT knowing that system. In fact most people are acting against the laws of wealth so that no matter how dedicated you are or how hard you work – you won’t get rich.

And what happens when you discover a very IMPORTANT KEY to your cash rich life found right within your own brain, biology and DNA, and it is unlocked…opened…available.

Asara LovejoyLet me share my story. I’m Asara Lovejoy, author of The one Command and
Cash Rich Success by Your Command program.
I’ve spoken to over 7 million listeners through radio and TV sharing my incredible story of coming to that moment of complete financial devastation and then turning it around.

From Voice America to ABC, I’ve revealed the old way of thinking that put me in debt and kept me there for years until I was dead broke and about to lose my home. I’ve experienced that fright in the night when you quiver alone in your bed and pull the sheets over your head because you fear you’ll be put out on the street. And then something miraculous happened for me and I turned it all around.

Since then I’ve had the opportunity to directly influence over 400,000 folks around the globe with what I discovered that has dramatically changed, uplifted and transformed people’s lives in their finances, health, and relationships, all with joy and satisfaction.

I had no idea that my life would turn around so significantly when I spiraled out of control and reached rock bottom financially. I share my story completely in The One Command book, but the highlights include investing over $700,000 dollars into my retreat center project and ending up with no cash, debt over $180,000 and no prospects of money arriving anytime soon.

I went from complete and utter devastation over my circumstances to unlocking the secret
I share with you now. That is the secret that within 2 weeks changed my financial circumstances in such a profound way that it has netted over 3.5 million dollars in revenue since its inception.

But it gets even better… I started out sharing the science of The One Command with family and friends and then it organically grew into live seminars around the globe and developed into comprehensive teaching and training programs online where many like you have enjoyed learning these secrets of wealth and success.

And each and every step of the way in growing my success, I applied the powerful money rich process I am going to share with you to make it happen – to let it happen – and to be witness to it happening – that you find in our 8 week program, Cash Rich Success by Your Command.

I believe it is time for you to be truly rich in
your cash rich financial prosperity and to have everything you have dreamed possible right now!

In our  Cash Rich Success By Your Command program we start with the reasons to change your perception and commitment to being rich. Many think wanting to be rich is enough, and yet they already know that it isn’t. There is a disconnect between wanting to be rich and making it happen. Did you know that is is actually imperative that you be rich to realize your full potential – to actualize your dreams, talents and life goals? Our breakthrough program is designed step-by-step to expose brilliant and brand new ways to implement rich practices in total agreement within your conscious and unconscious self – for rich new ways of thinking – the way the rich and contented think.

IN THIS PROGRAM YOU DISCOVER ….an extraordinary untapped potential for entering into a state of thinking where you create new ideas of wealth at will. A state of thinking where there is no limit to original ideas and new potentials for your wealth. The NEW SCIENCE of the quantum field KNOWS that you can create from unlimited possibilities and create any PROBABLE NEW FUTURE FOR YOURSELF RIGHT NOW!

And the new science knows that your brain and mind are malleable and programmable in BRAND NEW WAYS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR EVERY DAY LIFE. That you are in charge of programming your own thinking – and the SPECIAL KEY IS…


You try to solve problems and make more money in your least effective portion of your intelligence – your beta mind. Beta is your ordinary logical thinking mind and equals a small sphere of influence.

It does not create success and great new ideas found in your theta brain but recycles what has already been formed in thought by you.

Now is the time to be guided into the unexplored portion of your mind that can and does bring you better health, wealth and happiness.

That is why we designed our program over an 8-week
period, because it takes some time to discover
, implement, and enjoy breaking through in your theta mind to your
rich success, and the benefits of your rich universe
that is at your Command.

When you are rich you can:

Actualize all of your potential

  • Be Satisfied in accomplishing your desires and realized potential
  • Enjoy good food, housing and beautiful surroundings
  • Intellectual studies and fulfillment
  • Enjoy recreation and retreat
  • Bestow gifts and help to others
  • And your love is fully expressed. Love is denied its full expression in poverty

It is a worthy endeavor to seek to be rich.

Surprise super 50% discount when you REGISTER NOW!


Eliminate the reasons you restrict your right to be rich…

In addition to the science of change and the real neurological and biological new brain patterns you’ll establish through our six-easy-steps and One Command process, you’ll be talking for weeks about the bombshell of wisdom and insights Asara brings to the table that will literally blow you away.

The entire program has been designed with you in mind. Most programs tell you what you should do – but don’t give you the skills to do it. There is a whole new level of awakened intelligence that we not only tell you about – but we engage you in the process of change itself each and every week.

This program is for the strong-minded who are sincere about living a rich, prosperous, successful, emotionally stable and wealthy cash rich enjoyable life because that is what happens when you attend.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

  • You already have a blueprint for cash rich success right within your DNA that you can activate by simply using our technique.
  • Your brain and your mind in theta cooperate to operate in a much greater capacity.
  • Theta becomes your link to originate new ideas, plans or answers to your questions with powerful results!
  • You form rich thoughts and actions in new ways completely and radically different than what you are doing now.
  • The Scientific Principles for getting rich state that getting rich is not limited by circumstances or a person’s nature – in fact it follows the logic of math and science by its certain application. It is not dependent on talent or capital to get started.
  • We identify the 10 Levels of Wealth and what behaviors and activities you are currently engaged.
  • There is a system of change that exerts real results in the physical world.
  • The Change Matrix – from the Past to the Present to the Future in one action changes a limited idea into a new rich one.
  • Telling the truth about your money. Understand why people are frightened to talk about money and reveal their financial status. How eliminating fear over money and telling the truth is one of the most liberating rich principles that creates massive wealth.
  • Have a map of your assets and income and debt and liabilities and what undiscovered assets you have to create more income.
  • Fibonacci’s mathematical formula of the Ratio of the Golden Mean and how it is applied to your wealth creation. You’ll discover the powerful principle of the RATIO of the GOLDEN MEAN and how it immediately expands your financial limits into great increases of cash, quickly.
  • Put an end to fighting over money. Identify your current limits in cash rich thinking, including business money partnerships and in marriages. Fighting over money is the number one reason people get divorced.
  • Achieve the 5 States of a Rich Mind Set that are essential to becoming wealthy and rich.
  • Know How to Mind Your Money including the truth about credit card debt, your credit rating and the $100 dollar formula to get out of debt.
  • Understand the right and wrong way to use credit and the secret ACTION PLAN that establishes rich principles in your subconscious mind.
  • The hidden MYSTERY OF SUCCESS is revealed. Why is it that a fortunate few seem to have a phenomenal talent for success and the rest seem destined to endless struggle?
  • Have a conversation with cash that simply unwinds your cash ideas and exponentially creates money in your bank accounts. One woman actually had money appear in an old closed bank account – now that was unexpected and unexplainable – but that is a real example of what can happen.

And that is not all……

Warren Buffet and Forbes 500 wealthiest folks all say that living debt free is the single most important wealth-building tool you can have…

…and we share how that can happen for you. It makes so much sense that it is easy to increase your cash when you are out of debt.

Isn’t this your economic dream…

Maybe you are doing well financially but worry that you still might lose it all and would like to continue increasing your wealth. Wouldn’t some peace of mind about your rich bank accounts be valuable?

…this program works for ANYONE and EVERYONE who attends, actively participates, and implements what we share with you.

You could be like Aeron Goldheart who reduced his debt of $42,000 and increased his income 200% or like the Montgomery family who found a miracle in our program and were able to refinance their home after years of being rejected by the finance companies. Or like Charli who implemented our program for relief from a $192,000 hospital bill and got it.

From the first moment you attend you’ll
be racing towards a new cash rich life.

Just Like: Estella Sugawara-Adams

1: Settled in my favor!

Two years ago I filed an EEOC case against EPA based on discrimination, hostile work environment retaliation. A Hearing was set and the Dallas office of EEOC heard the case and awarded me the case, including damages. The Agency filed an appeal to the EEOC Appeal Panel, Washington, DC and they lost the appeal on September 10th – the day after I made The One Command!

The Appeals Panel issued an Order for the following to be paid to me within 60 days:
$50,000 in payment for non-pecuniary compensatory damages
$6,944.00 in pecuniary compensatory damages
$45,517.50 in payment for attorney’s fees
$786.39 in payment for costs
Interest on above for filing the Appeal approximately ($3097.44)
Total= $106,345.33

2: The Fruits of Asara’s Cash Rich Financial Success Program are coming in! Aeron Goldheart.

That’s when my financial turnaround started. There afterwards I don’t know how money found it’s way to me in excessive amounts each and every month with other clients hiring me to video, layout and design ads, billboards and interiors, I only know money came to me from every direction I gave attention to and it hasn’t stopped since. The teaching on living in the “Golden Mean” taught me what I needed to know to live with income exceeded by my expenses to the degree that I was able to pay big chunky payments to reduce the debt and I am NOW DEBT FREE!

3: Toni Franks, one of our LA friends laughs when she says:

I just received a 10,000 dollar bonus at work. That is unimaginable as my job title is Personal Assistant to the President. When do personal assistants ever get a bonus? However I had a conversation with Asara and thought why not go for it with The One Command, “I don’t know how I get a big juicy bonus, I only know I do now and I am fulfilled.” The next week the president called me into his office and let me know because of my extra efforts for the company they were doing the unexpected and issuing me a bonus. He handed me a check for $10,000 – unbelievable. I kept waiting to hear that they made a mistake. But it was true and I am totally enjoying my bonus!”

4: And Author of Buckminster Fuller’s life, Lloyd Steven Siden

“The One Command produces amazing results.”

I attended the Commanding Wealth Free Preview where we applied The One Command for a brief couple minutes, and I was astounded by the result that occurred the following day.

I have had an IRS judgment for $15,000 plus accrued interest hanging over my head for about 1 1/2 years. Even though my accountant assured me that it was their mistake and that the process would probably take two years, it constantly bothered me.

We had a preliminary meeting with the IRS people, and the morning after the Preview my accountant called me to report that he had all the paperwork completed and calculated that instead of me owing $15,000 to the IRS, they owed me a $500 refund. I am now excited about applying The One Command to all aspects of my life, including more financial dealings.

5: You can be like Charli Douglas

I wanted to share with all of you how my husband’s hospital bill of $192,000 was forgiven!

We had put in the paper work to the hospital to see if we could have help with our medical bills after my husband had 2 emergency surgeries. (Our insurance company cancelled our plan 3 days after his first surgery.)

I drew a check on a piece of paper and wrote a check for Paid in Full for Chris’s Hospital Bills, and put the date Oct. 21st. (The hospital was supposed to notify us by Oct. 1st if they were going to help us.) When we didn’t hear from the hospital I started worrying AGAIN. It was now Oct.15th and still no word from the hospital. I kept thinking ‘no news is good news’ and kept commanding for what I wanted…“I trust and believe The One Command works in my life. I only know I am peaceful, calm and love the people making the decision, and our hospital debt is forgiven. I am so grateful and fulfilled.”

On Oct. 21st my husband received the call saying our hospital bill was paid in full!!! I am sure all of you know how we felt when the call came!!! Happy, Excited, Wonderful, and the list goes on and on.

Thank you to Asara for creating The One Command and giving us all the opportunity to change our lives one Command at a time.

What we deliver in your 8-week program…

Cash Rich Success by Your Command delivers high quality new materials each week by video and MP3 to listen to as often as you like or to view again and again with real questions and coaching that leads you step-by-step into new direction with your cash rich attitude, possibilities and actions. In addition you receive a handbook each week with exercises and Commands to change your old limiting money triggers into brand new neurological connections quickly and effortlessly AWESOME!

The program sets up new paradigms in your super-conscious and subconscious beliefs and behaviors that produce amazing results. The science of making deep seated and permanent positive cash rich beliefs and expectations unfolds week by week so that you can implement and experience the new rich concepts as they explode within you.

And Bonus, Bonus, Bonus

You’ll receive your bonuses immediately. Get started with $400.00 worth of BONUSES and Your Cash Rich Success. See you there!

The Power of Expectancy Part 1 and 2

You discover the power of expectancy combined with The One Command and how it generates bigger, brighter and better results – beyond what you have ever imagined before. $400.00 value.

Surprise super 50% discount when you REGISTER NOW!

Ask yourself how much longer you can afford to continue to do what you have been doing and what you think it has cost you in your wealth so far? If you are ready to increase cash in your life then you’ll want to SAY YES with no risk at all to learning what is NOW possible for you.

The true value of this program is hard to determine because the science research and dedication of Asara Lovejoy and the co-leaders Dr. Katie Garnett and Bonnie Strehlow would run into the thousands for forming and implementing the knowledge and life-changing material they deliver to you.

The value for our unusual life changing 8-week program is $497…but continue on because right now it is yours for our super savings 50% discount off our regular investment of $497.00 for only $197.00, plus $400.00 worth of Bonuses are yours for free and our customer happiness satisfaction guarantee – you get to keep the bonuses if not completely happy with the program.

We look forward to seeing you there!

With cash rich success,

Asara, Dr. Katie and Bonnie

Here’s Our No-Risk Guarantee…

You can only win with our 60-day Happiness Satisfaction Guarantee. Your satisfaction is our success or your investment returned – no questions asked and you get to keep the $400.00 worth of bonuses.

All the success stories are as those sharing their stories with us have reported them to us. We do not claim that you will have the same results but we do promise a fantastic and well-executed new program about your hidden abilities to take control of your life in brand new ways as shared in the 8-week program.

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