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Empowerment Members Library

Are you dedicated to your Personal Growth,
Empowerment and Enlightenment?

If so, you must have the love of learning – and we have the love of delivering programs designed to open your heart and mind as you enter into new dimensions of yourself.

We, at The One Command, are dedicated to delivering material that you ingest and digest quickly with a view to seeing new horizons and discovering concepts beyond the ordinary – into the extraordinary.

“I am a dedicated learning junky myself and know the absolute value of hearing and seeing some ideas again and again until they become so much a part of my consciousness that they become me – they become you in the next expression of who you are meant to be!” – Asara Lovejoy

Empowerment Members Library
is just $17 a month

Our Library Becomes Yours

Our library becomes yours with inspiring, enlightening and practical educational information that you can access each month.

In addition to scientist and world thought leaders, such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dain Heer, Allen Cohen, Guy Finley, James Malinchak, Eldon Taylor, Greg Braden, Robert Scheinfeld and many more – you will receive 4 powerful programs dedicated to a specific aspect of your development each month. And, of course, surprise bonuses and new insights from Asara Lovejoy and Bonnie Strehlow.

You will automatically have access to the FREE One Command Library that has additional MP3 audios, MP4 videos and inspiring articles.

You’ll start on this adventure in good company with Bonnie Strehlow and Dr. Katie Garnett and be guided through mind, body and spirit development each consecutive month. With every program you are taken through the simple, yet powerful One Command process that changes every frequency of doubt, fear, and destruction into peace, love and celebration in you, and your life.

Here's some content you’ll receive over the first year of your membership, plus surprise bonuses, videos and original videos from The One Command team.

Taking Wing: A Year of Adventure

  • Leap of Faith
  • Life is an Adventure
  • Seek Your Destiny
  • Taking a Quantum Leap
  • Interview: Courage to be Free with Guy Finley
  • Interview: Gregg Braden & Paradigm for Success

Fun for No Reason

  • Where Has the Magic Gone
  • Sliding Down the Rainbow
  • Life is Short-Wear Your Party Pants
  • Choosing Fun at Any Age
  • Interview: Dr. Bruce Lipton
  • Interview: Janelle & Julie Rose

Rebuild Your Body from the Inside Out

  • Your Right to Choose
  • Something Greater
  • Beyond the Fat-Heal emotional hunger
  • Beyond Wish
  • Interview: David Elliott
  • Interview: Bonnie Strehlow

Mirror of Your Life

  • Who Is Looking Back at me
  • Release Worry for Good
  • Courage to Know Thyself
  • Embrace a New Vision of Yourself
  • Interview: Kathryn Perry
  • Interview: Michelle Costa

Heart of the Mind

  • Engaging Inner Power of Change
  • Energy of the Heart
  • Co-dependent No More
  • The Mind of the Heart
  • Interview: Alan Cohen
  • Interview: Dain Heer

Surrender to What Is

  • Surrender to What Is
  • The Gray Man
  • Open to Who You Are
  • Celebrate
  • Interview: Dr. Lynn McTaggart
  • Interview: Kingsley Dennis

Live Your Rich Life

  • Creating an Unstoppable Mindset
  • Feel the Free and Do It Anyway
  • Dare to Achieve
  • Living a Cash Rich Life with Asara Lovejoy
  • Interview: James Malinchak
  • Interview: Robert Scheinfeld

Path of Forgiveness

  • Don’t Shoot the Messenger
  • Peace is a Vibration
  • Realizing Peace Through Forgiveness
  • Ho’oponopono
  • Interview: Greg Hasbrit
  • Interview: James Olsen

Remove Addictive Thinking: 6 Steps to Freedom

  • Walking on Sunshine
  • Twelve Steps to Self-Care
  • Stop the Merry-Go-Round
  • Release Your Greatness
  • Interview: Penny Peirce
  • Interview: Lisa Breta

Alchemy of Gratitude

  • Habits of Gratitude
  • Gratitude and Transformation
  • Moving Mountains
  • The Bonobo
  • Interview: Eldon Taylor
  • Interview: Dr. Simran Singh

Dare to Imagine

  • Point of View-Taking Action
  • Importance of Imagination
  • You’ll See It When You Believe It
  • Audacious Living
  • Interview: Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Interview: Activate Your Success DNA with Asara Lovejoy

Dream Big

  • No More Excuses
  • Dream Big Dream Bold
  • Dreaming is an Inside Job
  • Breakthrough
  • Interview: Dream Big with Asara Lovejoy
  • Interview: LeeAnn Gibbs

Get started today to redirect your mind and your thoughts to realize your greatest potential – unlock it now as you listen to the inspiring and educational programs of The One Command!

Empowerment Members Library
is just $17 a month

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