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Mastery in Action – Advanced Teachings of The One Command

One practice to apply in many directions to consciously engineer your life!

5 New Advanced Applications in 5 Weeks!

What would it be like to have people notice a difference in you, to excel beyond your current environment, to have your marriage and love relationships become stronger, and to live a richer, more satisfying life?

Isn’t this what you want to create? Now there is a way, especially as you have all ready been on the path of The One Command – and are ready to move right into Mastering Your Life in a deeper and more satisfying manner.

Asara teaches these Revolutionary Advanced Processes that enables you to shift into theta, command you mind, imprint your body, reprogram your cells – with ASTONISHING speed, ease, and control.

First, let’s review a few reasons why the One Command process for making neurological, emotional and biological change is effective.

Nightingale-Conant says about The One Command:

“It is a way that bypasses long, drawn-out, and often unsuccessful approaches to transformation and goes straight to the neurological and biological source of your actions and outcomes.

It is a way that’s supported by years of scientific research and backed up by the real-life experiences of thousands of people (and counting).

A way – a shockingly simple six-step process – that enables you to actually COMMAND your mind to instantly reveal to you the specific knowledge, information, and answers you seek.

Because when you shift into theta consciously and intentionally, you activate a truly extraordinary degree of power.

As you Command your theta mind to deliver a specific result, uninhibited by all the usual barriers to truly BIG thinking – I can’t… I shouldn’t… I don’t know how… It would never work… It’s just not possible – it will effortlessly “give up” its secret knowledge and give you everything it has.

Which is so much more than your beta brain can even imagine.

And YES you can PROGRAM your ENTIRE SELF -
intellectual, emotional, and physiological – with both the desire AND the instructions for achieving, attracting, and creating ANYTHING you want with ASTONISHING speed, ease, and control.”


Applying The One Command establishes a new respect and admiration for your greater power and intelligence in your theta mind – seeing it deliver positive and miraculous results again and again gets EVEN BETTER with what Asara is about to REVEL in the….

Advanced Teachings Including The One Command Hyper –Link Theta Command!

We have named this course One Command Mastery in Action because it truly means just that – you attain a higher degree of Mastery over your own thinking, experiencing and reality creation on purpose by your Command!

Mastery in Action means going beyond change into being in charge of evolving every idea, thought belief, behavior and action that limits you in one lifetime.

Mastery in Action means you disconnect negative limiting thoughts and CREATE POSITIVE THOUGHT PATTERNS in moments – not hours and hours of mediation or concentration or years and years of trail and error.

Mastery in Action means you are in charge of re-connecting the most essential parts of your nature – reanimating and reactivating every one of your natural attributes, skills and abilities – again just in moments in theta……

Mastery in Action means applying 5 specific focused Advanced One Command techniques that literally create a hyper-link to a new you and a new future – right now!

This program is designed to transform you and your life at the most essential deepest levels of your brain, body, emotions, nervous system and mind. It is an advanced PHD course that requires immediate application each week and we highly recommend that you have had some basic practice with The One Command before you attend this course.

What you experience in the program:

Week 1 Direct Change through Hyper-Link Theta Command.

As the One Command has reached a high threshold of thousand upon thousands applying the process – it has grown into a new peak of evolved consciousness in the Hyper-Link Theta Command. (Consciousness always evolves or devolves but never remains static.) This shortened and quickened One Command process includes every aspect of the 6-steps but evolved into a higher form. You’ll be delighted with the Hyper-Link One Command.

Week 2 Re-Imaging Process

There is a very specific fast track to change every limit, hurt, disappointment or despair, judgment against, in any and every relationship with family, co-workers, friends, love partners, spouses, children, parents, as well as, your opinion of politicians, banks, the wealthy, and those prominent in leading the world. This process coupled with the Hyper-Link Command absolutely and literally changes your world.

Week 3 Inner Self-Connection Process

There is a beginning to your life as well as the development of your character and nature – one that has the greatest import because it is the source of your inhibitions, fears and restraints or it can give you the ability to live fearlessly, in a safe state emotionally and neurologically. You must be able to live without fear to grow and advance yourself in your life. Removing the fear of judgment from others, fear of condemnation or mistrust or living to please; and to feel safe and secure instead is the first essential breakthrough you must make for true advancement. This process removes fear forever and re-establishes the most essential link you MUST HAVE for self-care, self-worth and fearless living.

Week 4 Circles of Influence Process

I don’t think there is one person I have met or coached or who has attended my courses that has not felt, at one time like the outsider. Some have a greater feeling of being “on the outside” then others but all I have met got stuck somewhere thinking, feeling and believing that doors are closed or they are not accepted or there is a unreachable power group tthat determines their limits (the elusive inner-circle). All of those ideas and feeling end with this specific application – one that increases your circle of Influence within you and outside of you in your world. Stars rise, recognition is realized with great status and others see you as the one to know and emulate when you live from your INNER Circle of Influence first.

Week 5 One Command Neurology of Swift Change

This titillating segment of the program is magical and mystical. Dropping into the deepest levels of theta through words, sounds, metaphors, examples and stories releases past and creates present without a thought. Every child and adult I know loves a good story. This is a fine finish for all the changes you will have made over the 5 weeks!

Who should attend?

Asara says, “ I am thrilled to bring Mastery in Action to the world and extend a special invitation to all who have attended our leadership, coaching and instructional programs from The Foundation Course, to becoming a One Command Executive Success Coach over the years. This is a great program to advance your skills and increase your personal Mastery.”

On a general note we recommend that you have practiced The One Command and 6 Step process and feel competent in your results and your application to get the very best results from this course. This is an advanced application of your connection to theta by your Command with deep level releasing, removing and replenishing taking place each and every week. The course is not for the light-hearted, only the truly dedicated.

What happens during the course?

Each week you’ll be guided through the Advanced processes first with an explanation on how and why they work and then be taken through an experience of the process by Asara. In addition, you’ll receive a handbook and practice PDF materials for your own use and

Those who are all ready counselors, or coaches, hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioners or in the healing arts will find they can apply what you learn here to your client sessions for powerful results.

The breakthroughs, innovations, great ideas, insights, solutions, and even miracles you’re looking for have already been formulated inside your MIND. They’re sitting there right NOW.

With the right attention and direction you can reach in and liberate your Mastery in Action right NOW!

Science has long recognized the amazing features and functions of theta – the pattern your brainwaves take while you’re sleeping.

What makes the theta brain so interesting is that, as far as it’s concerned, there’s no such thing as “can’t. ”

The limitations and restraints – good and bad – that govern your waking thoughts and actions recede when you’re in theta. Your mind is free to imagine whatever it wants to. Free to make infinite connections and conceive of any possibility.

And when you direct that freedom in specific ways in the Advanced training your multiple in quantum affect your results.

This is a training course in the use and application of The Advanced Teachings of The One Command and as such has very high value. Asara is releasing for the first time, her proven techniques for change that she personally uses for her clients around the world – and she is revealing them to you.

These streamlined and extremely powerful processes causes complete, multilevel, and HIGHLY TARGETED transformations to take place almost instantaneously.

People travel thousands of miles to learn The One Command® – and walk away profoundly changed and empowered with the ability to quickly create remarkable turnarounds in their finances, health, happiness, and more.

Now your Mastery in Action – and The Advanced Teaching of The One Command is at your fingertips.

Warmly yours,

Asara Lovejoy, Founder of Mastery in Action – The Advanced Teachings of The One Command

Mastery in Action – The Advanced Teaching of The One Command

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