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Introduction to The One Command and Beyond the Basics Taking Commanding to the next level by Meleta Ward.

“Meleta’s pure energy and loving heart pours through this recording as she masterfully takes her listeners to a greater and deeper understanding of The One Command.”

–Asara Lovejoy, Author of The One Command

Welcome to the enjoyment of these rewarding and life changing programs.

THE INTRODUCTION MP3 provides you with a thorough understanding of The One Command. It guides the listener through the process of designing and experiencing a powerful, personalized command. It includes a guided meditation and visualization of The One Command that can be used over and over for making effective commands.

  • Learn The One Command
  • Go To The Theta Brain Wave
  • Formulate Powerful Commands
  • Lay Down Neuro-Net Pathways For Commanding
  • Practice Commanding
  • Use The “Pause Command” Recording Over And Over For Personal Commanding

This 48-minute introduction to The One Command contains 10 tracks that have been set to beautiful and relaxing music.

BEYOND THE BASICS 85 minute MP3 recording goes beyond the basics of Commanding. It is an intermediate to advanced course in Commanding.

It covers

  • How to tell if you are in theta
  • How to command about another person
  • Commanding through the layers of an issue
  • How to know what to command
  • Stacking commands
  • Shortcut commanding, and much more.

This recording contains a guided One Command Stacking Meditation that the listener can use over and over again for their personal commands.

The recording contains 14 Tracks that have been set to beautiful and relaxing music. It builds on the six steps of The One Command and teaches the listener many of the things that are taught in one to three day One Command Classes

Click here to play or download the Introduction to The One Command with Meleta Ward

Click here to play or download Beyond the Basics Taking The One Command to the Next Level with Meleta Ward

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