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Day Three – No more guilt or shame…

We know that people carry guilt and shame and think that it’s useful. That it’s useful to blame yourself, to beat up yourself, to criticize yourself, to judge yourself and to say, “Oh it was my fault, I did it wrong. I should have done it better.” Or, “Oh it was my fault, I didn’t mean to hurt some one;” or all the number of ways that you feel guilt and shame.

You can even feel guilt and shame for dropping something in the kitchen or breaking something, it’s an emotion that once in the cells of the body, and once activated, is very powerful in depressing your ability to express yourself in the world.

Here’s the One Command teaching on guilt and shame.

There is no positive reason in the world to have guilt or to shame your self. We want to release your addiction, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and your behavior, in running programs of guilt and shame.

First, I want you to consider what I’m saying, that there’s no positive reason for having guilt or running, “I am ashamed” programs.

Next, when a guilty thought arrives, I want you to say, “ I’m not guilty. Not guilty.” When you say to yourself, “I feel so guilty.” Just replace it with the words, “Not guilty. I’m not guilty. No, I’m not guilty, I’m innocent. I’m not guilty.”

As you go through the Commands in today’s transformational program you’ll here more replacement beliefs that lift you up and free your spirit to be all that you can be and even more than that.

We’ll see you tomorrow and continue with your transformation.

Celebrating You,

Asara Lovejoy

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