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Day Four – Your Value and Worth are Priceless..

Today we’re going to command that you are worthy, that you value yourself, and that you have worth, and you like and appreciate your self-worth.

I’ve heard so many times people say oh I don’t believe I’m worthy of that income or that gift or that compliment or that success.

Now you are going to reframe that idea and become familiar with, “I am worthy.’”
I don’t know how I only know I am worthy of those gifts that compliment and that wealth. What if it were just as true that you are worthy. If you see yourself worthy, and if you are worthy within yourself, you can see greater worth in others and life becomes much simpler.

There’s no pleasing or pandering needed to get what you want – you know that you are good and deserving because of your inherent value. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself to be loved. You get to show up and be who you are and teach others by example, how to be in their worthiness and their self-worth.

Listen and watch now and command on receiving and acknowledging and becoming that self worth that you truly are.

We’ll see you tomorrow and continue with your transformation.

Celebrating You,

Asara Lovejoy

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