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Day Six – Your Success, Wealth, Health and Happiness Identity

The body likes to have the same chemicals firing that it’s been used to, up until now, for years and years and years of the same behavior. The body is used to negative thoughts, chemicals addiction, thought chemicals of unhappiness and depression.

And when you go into the higher frequencies of no blame, no shame, no guilt, you’re go into the higher frequencies of courage, willingness, and unconditional love and acceptance.

Trusting in your Greater Self you have the capacity to operate in rocket fuel performance rather than as a carburetor engine.

The body has to come along. We have to love our body and give our body permission to really identify itself in this brand new ego structure.

Living life beautifully living life well living life in the extraordinary your body has to get used to the chemicals that you fire with the new thoughts that you think.

It’s a simple process of allowing yourself to take care of that vessel that serves you.
We’re going to command that your ego’s structure and your new success identity, and wealth identity are able to come along easily and effortlessly to be joined with you in this new expression of yourself.

We’ll see you tomorrow and continue with your transformation.

Celebrating You,

Asara Lovejoy

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