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Day 7 – Your Cosmic Connection

You embody your cosmic connection through your own experiences every time you have an “aha” or an epiphany or you come up with a new solution, or you come up with a new idea, and you implement that idea. That is your cosmic connection.

I am cosmically connected to my open potential I am cosmically connected to choosing and imagining and allowing any idea to arrive within my sphere of influence; to be the vessel to implement that idea.

The ego becomes more and more subtle less and less viable as we move our consciousness into these more subtle fields of energy.

There is a transition in the cosmic connection to non-identifying with yourself in the non-identified potential and for some it feels really risky say stepping off into space without knowing that you’ll be caught or learn how to fly.

It’s like going into a new experience that no one’s described to you yet. And still we seek that higher level of vibration to run through our nervous system, to run through our thoughts, to be brought into the world, into the ultimate connections of us all being one.

Continue to visit us at where we can play in all these levels of awakened consciousness. See you there.

Celebrating You,

Asara Lovejoy

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