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The Power of Your Unlimited Success at Your Command

November 24, 25
Munich, Germany

Take your life and your business to the next level by the untapped power of your mind and The One Command.

If you are ready to step into the next level of achievement and excellence, to see and define your value in new ways, and to communicate that value to your business, your clients, and your personal relationships then this event is for you. Asara Lovejoy, founder of The One Command programs is coming to Germany and this is your opportunity to spend time with her. Her worldwide audiences of over 500,000 folks have engaged in this masterful process that changes your brain, your spirit and your life. And you can discover the process and apply it again and again for the rest of your life.

Success Story

Alfred had achieved good success with his investment clients, bringing in $ 3 Million investments at a time. However, he had a fear of speaking to larger investors – ones with millions more. His inner programming (Mind Set) told him that he would be “greedy” to get richer.

After 2 sessions with Asara she got the call that she hears many times.
“You won’t believe it.”
“Yes” Asara replied, “I will, tell me”

“I just accepted my first 10 Million dollar investor and I’m happy to speak to billionaires now as well.”

You are ready for this event if you……

  • Want to access the full power of your mind.
  • Are open to learning to create new results on Command.
  • Want to make a powerful difference in the world.
  • Share exceptional value with clients and co-workers.
  • Are committed to success.
  • Create mutually rewarding and sustainable relationships.
  • Willing to invest in your self.
  • Willing to see you full potential and value.
  • Leave behind old models that are ineffective and establish new ones that get you great results.
  • Define your purpose and passion.
  • Double or triple your income.
  • Shorten the period of time it takes for results.
  • Live and serve from a position of authenticity and spirit……….

Asara has clients who have each had these successes and it is based on 6 easy steps and One Command while in the extraordinary portion of your brain – your theta mind.

What is phenomenal – is that you already have the capacity right within you to better the results of your life and you can learn the process to put that brain power to work for you in this weekend event.

The science is in from around the world that thought creates reality and Neurogenesis – the brain creating new pathways that create new beliefs and a new mind set that create new experiences and results is possible – at any age.

It is possible for you to let go of limiting and sometimes inhibiting and dysfunctional behaviors and to replace them with the highest intention, ideals, and desires you have – in moments.

You don’t have to mediate for hours at a time to get this result. The 6 Step, One Command process takes about 15 minutes or shorter as you get more proficient to change your body, change your mind and change your brain.

People say..

It seems like Asara read my mind – she pinpointed a problem I had my entire 55 years of life in moments – and now it is gone.
James A

Through her One Command process I was freed from my fear of success.
Kelly C

My marriage was saved when Asara guided me through The One command process and showed me how to change my inner failure with being loved, to being loved. My husband unexpectedly told me he wanted our marriage to be saved. And it still is, years later.
Meleta W

Now I love my business. Before I dreaded making decisions, or asking for what I wanted from my employees and after coaching with Asara and going through The One Command process it all changed. What surprised me was that my relationship with my wife and children also changed. This was the equivalent of years of traditional therapy.
Dr. Guy

Charlotte Meukel, a highly success Coach certified as a NLP Trainer with background in established transformative technique says...

“When I finally found Asara and The One Command I hit home. After testing The One Command with my friends and clients and immersing myself in a few coaching sessions, with Asara, I made the commitment to bring this method to Europe! This is why you can read this website and participate in our first One Command European Seminar with Asara.”

What are the benefits of activating your greater intelligence in theta?

  • Quieting of emotions and thoughts
  • Deep-level healing and regeneration of the body
  • Recapturing a strong and vivid sense of well-being
  • Increase in a sense of love for self and others
  • Unheard and unseen things coming to conscious awareness
  • Ideas springing forth from unconscious and intuitive sources rather than from deductive reasoning or outside influences
  • Integrative internal experiences = feelings of psychological well-being
  • Improvements in relationships with self and others and emotionally healthier
  • More flexibility in thinking, reasoning, and reacting
  • Increased connection and improved relationships with others
  • More self-acceptance
  • Increase in creativity, new ideas, and problem solving
  • many childhood memories, and mental events that are “surprising to the ego”
  • Greater tolerance
  • Integrative experience of knowing and feeling

If you are ready to live a new future including your EXTRAORDINARY abilities and gifts becoming alive within you then this is your opportunity in Europe – We hope to see you there.

Personal Experiences

“Working with Asara from the inception of our business in imagining what was possible, clearing our limiting beliefs, and refocusing our energy into making it happen, has brought us a multimillion-dollar business that we started from just an idea. We celebrate!” 
Anna Pauly, President – Kriana Corporation 

“Commands helped me to prepare the way for the new. Many very difficult topics disappeared completely from my life. The only exist in my old journals.” 
Claudia Schmid, Trainer, Tripagos,Schwitzerland 

“Asara Lovejoy brought her innovative, Commanding Wealth® program to our team with hugely motivational and beneficial results. Our Consultants had a record year and increased their income two to three times. We won more business than we pitched for by putting what Asara taught us into practice.”
Moira Benigson, President – Executive Search, UK

“Asaras work has really pointed me to the power of my own thoughts. Commands have brought all the changes in my relationships and my finances.”
Claudia Stoll, performance trainer, Germany

“Since I am doing Commands, I feel like I am doing something for myself. It works very well and my business is growing permanently.” 
Daniela Strathmann, businesswoman

Program of events

Haus International, Munich, Germany 

November 24 & 25, 2018: 10am – 6:00pm 
Meet the Power of The One Command and the Untapped Potential of Your Rich Mind!
Munich, Germany Regular Early registration before October 25. PLUS Free attendance to Friday night Salon.

November 23, 2018: 7:00 – 10:00pm 
Asara Lovejoy and The One Command
Special Friday Night Salon Discover your personal destiny and what empowers you with Asara at the Pre-event before the spectacular One Command weekend. Free attendance to those attending the weekend event.

November 21 & 22, 2018 
In person sessions with Asara Lovejoy for exceptional results. Asara coaches CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, national leaders, and special entertainers in theater, writing and drama. It is repeatedly said that she delivers the fastest resolution of limiting issues and pinpoints strengths for advancement in moments.

Take advantage of this Exclusive Live Event with Asara Lovejoy in Munich.

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