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About The One Command

Are You Curious How to Apply Your Super Powers?

What if I told you that you are a genius in disguise and that you are biologically hard-wired with super powers that only a select few tap into? It may seem improbable that you have untapped powers because it didn’t seem possible for me either, especially when I was facing the loss of my home and almost a million dollars in savings but then something happened…

In the Beginning

…in a moment of crisis, after years studying the human mind, brain, biology, emotional and intuitive circuitry, I fell to my knees and was literally taken into a deep theta reverie. While there, a Six-Step and One Command process wrote itself in my mind. The results were that – I saved my home, I wrote The One Command book, and I shared the message of what I discovered until it became a worldwide program and system of rapid and wonderful change for health, wealth, love, and happiness, almost as if on its own.

All the opportunities I have enjoyed such as my success as an acclaimed author, world thought leader, Enlightened Consciousness Coach, and teacher came from the application every day of this simple system. I love sharing the message of The One Command!

The One Command is a process that instantly adjusts your energy field and your frequencies to attain the higher states of love, joy, satisfaction, accomplishment, health, and financial good. The 6-Step process guides you from ordinary conflicted thinking into the unified deeper quantum brain functions automatically.

There is a genius part of your mind that has this kind of activity, naturally. Of course it operates when you are in deep REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Darn – you might think, I don’t have any control of what happens in my sleep and you are mostly right. But I am talking about using that same part of your brain while you are awake, by your Command.

Unlocking Your Theta Mind

The technical name for your “awake mind” is beta and your “asleep mind” is theta and they operate in totally different universes.

Most folks, for most of our life, only concentrate on making things better through a lot of effort in our consciously awake beta mind. That is our logical thinking processor – and I like that part of my brain. It has many great functions, making lists, comparing and contrasting, looking to the past and projecting to the future, but what it doesn’t have are solutions to many problems or answers to millions of questions because that is not its job. Yes, smart as we are – we didn’t know that more effort would not, could not, get results from our logical mind.

And many millions of folks get stuck right here. Doing the best they can but not getting the results they are after.

Your ability to Command your brain to access your quantum mind is your hidden secret weapon for greater enlightenment and activating your genius. As you do so, stuck results or limits dissolve and what you truly want – the full implementation of all your abilities, gifts, and talents may be realized.

A Few Things To Know

  • The theta brainwave – your genius center operates as your unconscious storage bin.
  • The theta brainwave is very slow and only operates in now (no past or future so no worry).
  • The theta brainwave solves millions of problems and finds solutions you can never ever find with your logical beta mind.
  • The theta brainwave reveals new creative ideas.
  • When you think in theta, consciously, and solve problems it generates better health, a sense of wellbeing, and often joy and satisfaction, as well as, massive success.
  • Your theta brainwave is the conduit to higher levels of consciousness and ultimate enlightenment.

One Command Circles Worldwide

The One Command Circle Leaders Certification Program teaches you what to do and how to do it. It is currently facilitated by many leaders, in many languages, around the world.

You can become a One Command Circle Facilitator and invite a partner to learn it with you.

It is a quick, engaging online training. We recommend you take the FREE Foundation course first so you’ll be better informed and have a greater comprehension of how and why The One Command is divine in its simplicity to supply great individual and world change.

  • Take the One Command Circles into your home, invite others and charge for the gathering.
  • Take The One Command Circles to your church or spiritual friends.
  • Take the One Command Circle to your family and improve relationships, increasing love and agreement.
  • Take The One Command Circle into your business, improving not only better communication and agreement between each other but the company profits as well.

Enjoy this accelerated field of consciousness engaging your mind, ready to serve you and your life to love more and live better.

Take advantage of this opportunity and jump on board for the new evolution of mankind. Yes, I’m interested in The One Command Circle.

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