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It is great to have you play here with The One Command
and we look forward to serving you.

We receive testimonies every day sharing the power of this simple technique to remove a limiting block or set up a new idea of what is possible for your self.

And 100% guaranteed that when you go to theta even for just moments you return more relaxed and peaceful.

Today’s Daily Commands are on peace.

Enjoy the time spent in Theta – Only moments are required to add new powerful ideas to your brain/mind connections for positive change!

Ground, Align, Go to Theta, Command, Expand and Receive the blessings of these Commands.

Daily Commands:
I don’t know how I am peaceful, I only know that I am now and I am fulfilled.

I don’t know how I am at peace with my choices and experiences, I only know that I am now and I am fulfilled.

We celebrate your journey!

The One Command Team

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