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Asara Lovejoy Executive Success Coaching

If you knew that you could flip a switch and turn off fear, stress, distress, and doubt about your business life and business decisions – what would that be worth? If you could tap into your creative genius and know that you had the right brand, the right expert status, right product and service or were certain you were going in the right direction to expand with more profitably for your start up to multi national corporation what would that be worth to you? You know the answer- priceless.

My executive clients from Fortune 500 to start up companies around the world, all express the same desire to take their business to the next level of success. No matter where you are unconscious triggers in conflict with what you want to achieve have the power to hold you back. This simple secret is what makes the difference between moderate successes to unlimited increase.

One of my clients was intimidated in talking with 30 million dollar investors. You see everyone has his or her unconscious comfort limits. Admittedly his was all ready talking with 3 million dollar investors so he was prepared for the jump – but he hadn’t been able to bust through his ceiling yet. After two coaching sessions he was in daily conversations with his 30 million dollar clients and loving it. Another International executive went from 2 million to 4 million in revenue in 3 months after my coaching sessions with her entire business team.

And my small start up entrepreneur clients get results by identifying their niche, position, web presence and expert status at the same time they are developing their business. I’ve personally found I get quicker, faster results and the best investment of my time and money when I’m with a coach and mentor who has all ready been there and done that. That is why I am a coach – to carry on the tradition of helping others get what they want they same way I’ve been helped.

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I enjoy coaching but I have to say I am amazed at the quick success that shows up in my simple coaching approach and the role I get to play in others success. In fact, I didn’t intend to ever be a coach because like so many others I was on a roller costar of up and down success for years struggling to survive. When I hit bottom, losing my investments and about to lose my home something great happened, I discovered the secret to accessing our hidden intelligence that I immediately named The One Command.

Because I was so excited about the discovery I started sharing the six-steps and One Command that reclaimed my home and eventually generated over 2.5 million in revenue from products and services delivered worldwide. I wrote my book on the power of The One Command, taught live seminars nationally and Internationally, got hired by Nightingale-Conant to author a couple of programs on the subject and then people began to approach me for more direct coaching sessions.

If I were to sum up the hidden potential within you – it would be to say that you are biologically designed for genius and have the inherent talent and ability to accomplish all your ideals for success. This is the approach I use when coaching with you. My simple system of coaching rapidly unravels what is below the water at the same time you implement your brilliant ideas for your company and business success.

When you reset your unconscious triggers you launch into the success that is in you waiting to happen.

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Here is what our appreciative clients have to say.

Moira Benigson Clients Include Apple, GAP, T.J. Maxx, Woolworths, MonsoonMoira Benigson, President, Executive Search, UK,
“Asara Lovejoy, brought her innovative, Commanding Wealth® program to our team with hugely motivational and beneficial results. Our Consultants had a record year and increased their income two to three times. We won more business that we pitched for by putting what Asara taught us into practice.”
Some of our clients include: Apple, GAP, T.J.Maxx, Woolworths, and Monsoon


Aeron Goldheart CEO Global Developer and Distributor of Tesla Energy LightsAeron Goldheart CEO Global Developer and Distributor of Tesla Energy Lights
“At first it was hard to believe that my coaching with Asara and The One Command was actually increasing my income and my business. After a continuous increase in cash – paying off $45,00.00 in debt and making more than $90,000 in income, I now believe! And it can work for you too. And as a follow up this last year I tripled my income again and took my whole team to Greece to celebrate.” Thanks Asara

Doug Free, CLU ChFCFounder HSA Health InsuranceDoug Free, CLU ChFCFounder HSA Health Insurance
“Asara Lovejoy has been responsible for the tremendous growth I have enjoyed over the past 90 days. I first discovered her work on the Nightingale Conant program “The One Command.” After listening to these CDs multiple times, I was convinced that she could help me further by working with her in a series of private sessions. I cannot tell you how insightful she is. Every session was a delightful surprise of discovery of my old patterns that had kept me stuck. As these patterns were revealed, Asara worked with me to release them. This gave me a whole new perspective on what I could do and be. I have had more positive momentum in the past 90 days than I had ever expected. I highly recommend Asara Lovejoy to anyone who wants to embrace positive change quickly.”

What I have found is that change happens in a definite pattern. First, I heard this once and liked it a lot, “No one likes change except a baby with a wet diaper.” So let’s get that out of the way because the strongest negative reactions to doing something differently in a bigger and better way are; fear of loss, and being out of control.

And here are the main reasons this happens:

First, you are stopped by unconscious habits and you simply cannot pursue success without rewriting your script for greater success at the same time you eliminate the hesitation to succeed. It is the difference between traveling at warp speed blind or seeing the new potential. The more you clear the blind spots the easier it is to achieve your goals.

It is impossible to change a behavior that you cannot see or to engage in another level of success without a clear blueprint in your subconscious and conscious mind. And it is impossible to see what you are blind to without the right guide.

Developing a new SKILL SET to approach your life from a new perceptive along with a new MIND SET is the greatest benefit you receive in coaching. During your sessions you’ll identify what stops you, eliminate it and align your unconscious programs with your success determination instead – very quickly and easily.

Next, you are not identified yet to your next level of success. To be truly successful you must let the potential of your success become alive within you. The biggest stumbling block to success in going from 3 million to 30 million dollar clients for example is what you have been trained to think about yourself. And even when you are in a great position you can get stuck in unconscious negative triggers that prohibit going to the next level.

All the coaching programs say you must change your inner thoughts, feelings and behaviors to change your outside results. We concur, yet know from experience with thousands of folks who have gone through The One Command process that to make deep and lasting change you cannot do it alone. Support, encouragement and the actual one-on-one coaching you receive clears and redirects your ego image to know something new about yourself.

And when you are changing and exploring something new old thoughts and fears about you and your limits are the first thing to arrive. I like to say the benefit of meeting your mastery rather than your fear is the fast track to your excellence.

In your sessions, in addition to clear and concise attention to action steps and achieved goals, you dissolve old ideas and beliefs held below your awareness that have unconsciously prevented your success – no matter how much effort you have put into your business or self actualization until now.

In your sessions with Asara you will:
     1. Clarify Your Direction
     2. Establish Your Next Level of Success Identity
     3. Implement and Redefine New Success Business Blueprints
         That Fit Your Current and Future Growth

Here is what a few more friends have to say:

James Malinchak, featured on ABC’s Secret Millionaire, and co-author of Chicken Soup for the College Soul has this to say about Asara:
“It is exciting when a new voice comes into the human potential field. I’ve spent time with Asara Lovejoy and her One Command process and highly recommend reading her simple yet powerful, The One Command book for making real change in your thinking.”


Dr. Joe Vitale, featured in The Secret and author of over 27 books including The Awakening Course, and The Attractor FactorDr. Joe Vitale, featured in The Secret and author of over 27 books including The Awakening Course, and The Attractor Factor spent some considerable time with Asara on her radio show Living in the Quantum Field and he shares:
“Asara Lovejoy and her 6-step One Command process is a new voice worth listening to. Her enormous dedication to helping others see their potential in new ways is inspiring. I highly recommend Asara and her work.”

Asara is currently still accepting new clients but her travel and training schedule limit the number of clients she can see.

Click here to apply for coaching with Asara. She will hold a free pre-interview with you to see if you are a good match after you finish the short survey about who you are and what you would like to accomplish in your coaching.

Take action now to change your present and future success.

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