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The power to create change in your life arrives with one simple decision – “I want to make change”.

With The One Command you begin, “I don’t know how to accomplish it” – because you don’t know. If you did you would already have done it. But there is a part of you that absolutely has the answers, solutions and ability to uncreate your existing limits, and to create new ways of being.

You start with, “I want to make change” and as you apply the 6-Steps and One Command process you begin to unravel the past limits and create new brain connections, with your new intentions.

“A new inner change in you makes all the difference in an outer change in your circumstances.”

The first Phase is becoming AWARE and AWAKE to your inherent built in abilities that are currently not active and to believe, accept and act on the belief that you do have these abilities, and that you can activate them rather quickly, for positive results.

Some people are in a very low vibration of self-confidence and resist even believing that, ”IT IS POSSIBLE.” Others are natural learners and love to investigate new possibilities – especially when they can be life changing.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing many individuals apply The One Command and 6 Step Process, who give me a call with my favorite statement, “Asara you won’t believe what happened.” I respond, “Yes, yes I will tell me what happened, and he or she shares his or her new event experience with me.”

This is absolutely lovely. The best experience in the world is seeing a person improve their peace of mind, joy, happiness and success. And you can be one of those very people in short order by engaging in The One Command education and training programs.

“Yes, I want to make change in my life!”

If you are willing to make changes in your life and treat that choice as if you are going to school to get an education, you’ll get even quicker, faster and better results. We have it simplified and organized with incremental growth in our programs that expand your ability and awareness each step of the way. And you can dive in at any level you want to start.

You start with the background and foundation knowledge that answers the how and why questions, but we also gift you with the practice itself to implement change in the first few moments you learn the process.

Each section of The One Command Self-Growth training is set up as ONLINE videos, and audios that you can download to reinforce what you are learning, listening again and again until it becomes second nature to you to think in these new ways. In addition, we provide articles and exercises and YouTube links that support your learning.

If you are starting to open to the extraordinary abilities that are inherently yours then the Self-Growth programs are where you want to begin. In the past we have only offered these trainings in live events or paid programs but you begin with the FREE course and then continue your education. And advanced learners often revisit this material to reinforce where they are going and what they are doing.

We recommend you start at the "Basics" and then pick and choose the programs that resonate the most with you in a particular application

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