One Command Spiritual Awakening Shamanic Retreat

December  5, 6, 7

During your retreat the very patterns of your concepts of personality are able to unwind in your very DNA and renew within a sacred, safe environment so that you may expand beyond the limitations of everyday personal identity and join with the Sacred Presence within you. READ MORE

Ignite, Awaken and Celebrate Your Spiritual Power!

Join Asara Lovejoy and The One Command in deep theta mediations, as she hosts this celebration with a deep spiritual shamanic journey for your personal Spiritual Awakening, joined by Shakespeare Festival Founder and Director and award winning screenwriter and producer, Rose Woods for this one of a kind unique opportunity.

This is your time to take that special inner journey of 3 dedicated days to leave behind thoughts and concerns of life and to “go within” to discover a deeper self and your fundamental inter-connectedness with all dimensions of your spiritual life.

During the Spiritual Awakening Shamanic Retreat you’ll be embraced in a sacred space with Asara and friends at the Arbor Retreat on Whidbey Island, WA that is dedicated to you and your personal inner revival.

Through these 3 dedicated days great work can be accomplished quite quickly.  In fact, a spiritual retreat is like unloading massive amounts of old energies and refreshing mind, body and spirit all at once. And you’ll be surprised on the Saturday night Spiritual Awakening Shamanic journey guided by Asara, and her Cherokee DNA.


Words From Asara Lovejoy

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