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Understanding Enlightened Consciousness –
your thoughts matter even more than your actions

The frequency of a thought, what you think has power; the power to hurt and harm or the power to love and support. I often say, who knew that not only our actions matter, but our thoughts matter as much or more. That may seem like another responsibility, however, you are perfect exactly as you are and any improved change in your inner thinking is the next perfection.

Our definition of enlightenment is the liberation of the human spirit. Liberation to be in another state of BEING; to develop a sustainable thought frequency of love, joy, peace, compassion, harmony and illumination. We are going to play in the quantum field of infinite possibilities, infinite thinking, infinite living and the enlighten realities where you become the impersonal. And that’s very powerful.

In our Enlightened Consciousness Live Events we’ll process SELF as the observer, coming into the impersonal, and merging into the essence of oneness. The experience is uplifting, life reinforcing and eye-opening.

Enlightened Consciousness Live Events

Join us and Our Guest World Known Psychic Medium TJ Higgs in Seattle
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Enlightened Consciousness Events

Events are scheduled around the world with Master Teachers illuminating, guiding and sharing what is possible in our new millennium.

There are three events

  • Liberation of the Self
  • Calling Forth the Gathering
  • Illumination to Enlightenment

In our Enlightened Consciousness Events you’ll experience the more magnificent version of yourself. The one that soars beyond your fixed reality and sees into the greater mystery of who you truly are.

In the beginning…..

I discovered The One Command and Six-Steps at the edge of my dark night of the soul and shared it around the world reaching over 500,000 folks (and growing) who have tapped into their greater potential. Then it became apparent that the purpose of The One Command was to WAKE UP our awareness of the deeper connection we can make with our extraordinary abilities – to help us come into joy and acceptance of our Greater SELF. The practice of the six steps acclimates us to the higher frequencies of SELF and the more subtle vibrations of illuminated thought. It was my moment of transformation and it is here for everyone.

Evolving your consciousness means seeing what level of thought you can create and express in the world. How you can be more present in the larger context of your infinite SELF and less attached to your limited human sphere.

When you are in an enlightened consciousness experience with masters and higher consciousness leaders, you are receiving a very high “thought field transmission” and, at the same time, you are receiving new awareness at the DNA and cellular level – knowing beyond words, beyond thought – knowing through direct experience.

In The One Command, we say again and again, you are enlightened, you are awake, you are magnificent, you are amazing. I get chills at how amazing you are! We are supplying you with the tools to enter into your own reality, get familiar with your reality, change your reality and direct your reality by yourself. And when I say by yourself, I mean you do your own internal work by choice through guidance and opportunity.

You can do that work by coming together with us in our Enlightened Consciousness Events!

Liberation of the Self

In our Enlightened Consciousness Event: Liberation of the Self it is our intention to shift brains, bodies and minds from “stuckness” of pain and suffering of the limited idea of self, judgments against self, as well as, DNA, ancestral and cultural inhibitions, guilt, anger or resentments of the past – into a new enlightened space of the greater SELF.

Liberation of the self means first, WAKING UP to the extraordinary SELF of who you truly are and the untapped power you have to determine your life.

Next, it means releasing the power over you of your cultural and ancestral DNA. This is so powerful it liberates you from conditioned thoughts and feelings that many times are not even yours – but impressed upon you by others.

By enlightening your mind and spirit and raising your thought frequencies you experience greater compassion, the ability to love more deeply, to be free of judging yourself or others and to fully engage in every aspect of a rich and rewarding life.

The process of enlightened or lighter and lighter fields of thought opens you to your power to create reality in the direction of your choice – to absolutely trust your innate knowing and wisdom.

The current structure of your thinking changes and the ego, that which maintains this certain structure, needs support to make a leap into another level of consciousness. The ego gets stubborn sometimes. It is similar to an addict giving up an addiction. It’s like an alcoholic giving up alcohol. An alcoholic will say, “Life is going to be so boring if I don’t get drunk.” The ego does the same thing. Ask yourself — are you sure life is going to be boring if you don’t suffer? Are you sure you have to get kicked down to lift yourself up? Isn’t that how I evolve as a soul?

So an enlightenment; you have permission to leave all your lessons behind, to walk out of all your classes of your previous experiences. And to experience another dimension of your greater SELF.

Calling forth the Gathering

In this Enlightened Consciousness Event we accept that you are already a Master BEING and by coming together in a gathering we can influence, not only our own evolution, but the entire planetary consciousness as well.

We realize this is an important endeavor at this critical time. We are at choice of how we can influence thought and matter.

The inner SELF – that greater SELF that is beyond your physical ego, hears the call to gather and join with others now. The call is heard as a familiar awareness that NOW is the time to join with other individuals, coming home to each other and to the mission and purpose of your life – to make a difference in the world.

Illumination to Enlightenment

Attend the Enlightened Consciousness Event: Illumination to Enlightenment if you are ready to immerse yourself in the most subtle and refined frequencies of thought and energy.

We know from the works of David R. Hawkins that elevated frequency of thought has a profound and quantum effect on our collective consciousness.

He states that, “Since known civilization the world has been at war 97% of the time.” And that there is a map of conscious we can examine to see what positive or negative affect we have in the world, upon our self, and each other.

The emotions of shame or guilt hold a very low frequency, trapping an individual in an endless circle of pain and suffering – while unconditional love, illumination and enlightenment vibrate in such a high frequency you simply dissolve the lower fears, concerns and opposing forces within the self.

An unconditional loving thought has quantum power, not affecting one but the many, so that one individual may influence millions that are suffering – uplifting them in an instant.

As we come together in the Enlightened Consciousness Event: Illumination to Enlightenment we collectively open to our higher dimensional brain – to vibrate at these higher frequencies. And if one has a quantum power imagine as a group, together what can be accomplished.

It is life transforming and awesome.

See you there.

Loving you already.

Asara and Bonnie

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